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EZ-Grip pipettor

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EZ-Grip pipettor

EZ-Grip TM is a premium pipettor for denuding or transferring patient samples. Developed for the most comfortable and precise sample manipulation, this streamlined design is intended for practical sterilisation and long term durability.


Highly precise and reliable



Adjustable aspiration volumes for precise control

Very durable – requires minimal maintenance

Pipette size indicator dial

Compatible with EZ-Tip™ and all popular plastic denudation and transfer pipettes (Ø0.9mm)

Immediately accessible and easy to adopt, the EZ-Grip™ can be quickly and confidently manipulated with a very high degree of precision. The straightforward ergonomic design is comfortable to use for long periods. Due to its smooth streamlined body, EZ-GripTM can be rapidly and effectively disinfected or autoclaved. This device was developed alongside professionals in IVF to present a practical and durable device specifically for clinical applications.

The EZ-Tip pipette size indicator dial on the EZ-Grip may be used as a reminder to relate to the size of pipette being used or left at a blank setting if preferred.

The EZ-Grip stands apart from competitor pipettors due to its modern, considered design supported by RI's reputation for innovation, quality of manufacture and customer service.

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Available from: Research Instruments

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