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Incubator calibration

By: Derek, 28 November 2008

I was wondering what other labs are using to calibrate thier incubators?? Do you use CO2 analyzers? Taking pH values? Or some other kind of measurements?

In conjunction to that, are you all using a specific media for that type of calibration? For example if a media company suggest a certain CO2 level do you use that as a baseline, or do you test pH levels?

Just a general question. Thanks.

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Responses (6)
Response from Marlane Angle 15 December 2008
Derek asked how often to pH media. We do this at least twice a week, unless the pH is off and we are adjusting the CO2, then we run pH every morning until the results fall within our designated range. Our device is synched with Abbott online twice a year for calibration and we get controls to run in between. We run these when we are doing other pH reading for the incubator and end up doing these probably once a month or so.
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Response from Marlane Angle 01 December 2008
We measure pH using a hand held blood gas machine. It is designed for patient bedside and OR use and has regular updates and QC that comes in twice a year. However, the real problem with trying to set your incubators to drive a specific pH is that the literature is not clear re: what pH is optimal with which media. It may not be a "one size fits all" sort of answer. I use two media, Vitrolife's and Irvine's. My incubator is set to give me a pH of 7.20-7.25 with Irvine ECM with 10% SSS as the protein, and 7.28-7.33 for Vitrolife G1 with 10% SSS as the protein. Same incubator, both media in the same culture dish, different pH. Until comparative studies are done I think it is imperative that each lab look at pH/CO2/media combos that provide the best result for them in terms of embryo development and pregnancy outcomes.
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Response from Lakshmi Sharma 01 December 2008
I have recently purchased a wireless real time data logging system for tempearature RF ELD-RF2 system and TES 1380 pH meter with probe for measuring and recording pH from Marathon Products This system allows for quick and easy QC of my incubators with access to data at any time of the day.It is cost effective and NIST certified.I would strongly reccomend it for accurate QC and calibration of your incubators.
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Response from Derek 01 December 2008
And how often do you run your ph's? Do you do them every day, once a week?? If you're using a certified ph meter, how often do you have it re-calibrated? Agian these are just general questions. I'm just wondering what other people/labs are doing out there. :)
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Response from Sanjay Shukla 01 December 2008
This topic is addressed in details at various forums. I found that determining % CO2 concentration for getting the desired pH in a particular medium is the right approach. This could be done by checking the pH and adjusting the CO2 concentration accordingly. Don't just trust the incubator's display or the manufacturer's recommendations.I am routinely following this protocol and my results have improved. Please go through the following article: Optimizing pH in Clinical Embryology, Thomas B. Pool, The Journal of Clinical Embryology, Volume 7, Issue 3 WINTER, 2004 This is a great article on the subject.
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Response from Orestes Prudencio 30 November 2008
I use a certified PH meter to reach a PH around 7.22 to 7:29, irrespective of CO2 flow.That ít.
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