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24 March 2015
Fertility Clinics Abroad Providing resources and information for patients travelling abroad for IVF treatment.... [Read More]
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12 September 2013
The IVF Process Embarking on fertility treatment can be an extremely daunting experience. Often it's difficult to know where to begin or what to expect! In this infographic, the London Womens Clinic explain the IVF process step by step, from your initial consultation all the way through to that all-important pregnancy test.... [Read More]
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18 November 2012
New web page dedicated to croatian patients with infertility issue.... [Read More]
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18 November 2012
New web page dedicated to patients with infertility problems... [Read More]
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07 August 2012
New IVF forum Welcome to a new source of information... [Read More]
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16 July 2012
IVF4U Take a highly sophisticated, interactive, online fertility assessment that asks you and your partner to answer a series of detailed multiple choice questions to help generate your own personalized 35 page IVF4U Fertility Report that will empower your with the knowledge to fall pregnant and live the life you deserve to enjoy!... [Read More]
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04 June 2012
InterTrust Fertility heralds the end for expensive IVF treatment in Britain PRWebPRWeb – Fri, Jun 1, 2012 Email Print InterTrust Fertility is offering British patients access to a unique IVF trial in Spain that could change the way IVF treatment is delivered across the UK. The new fertility technique, called ‘24sure’ and developed by BlueGnome in Cambridge has shown incredibly positive results in a number of medical trails, demonstrating up to a seventy-five percent success rate for IVF patients, which by scientific standards is a huge jump. InterTrust Fertility has partnered with th... [Read More]
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19 May 2012
An Spanish educational blog for IVF patients. The blog educates patients about fertility problems and assited reproduction techniques.... [Read More]
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19 January 2012
The mind-body link and IVF... [Read More]
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09 April 2011
TRB-Media Assisted Reproductive Media... [Read More]
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