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621. infertility

12 October 2005 by joseph
what are all the latest methods for male reproduction
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622. endometrial cell line culture

30 May 2005 by Charudutt Joshi
Der Members, My self is charudutt Joshi. I am working on endometrial cell line culture from stem cells to improve implantation rate. Can some one has experiance of endometrial cell line culture.
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623. Delayed poly-pronuclear formation with human IVF

13 January 2005 by Michael L. Reed
Polyspermic fertilization and human IVF: I?m looking for data, experiences, and so on, regarding late or delayed pronucleus formation, specifically when a third (or more) pronuclei develops much later in the day, after finding the expected 2 pronuclear configuation at the initial ?fertilization check? window at approximately 14-16 hours post insemination. Does anyone routinely look at pronuclear stage ova more than once for this type of phenomenon? Thanks!
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624. Cryo preserving without liquid nitrogen

12 January 2005 by Anders Bek-Pedersen
Does anyone have practical experience with the Asymptote freezer in which the straws are claimed not to be in contact with the liquid nitrogen?
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625. IVF/ICSI cycle pregnancy failure

05 January 2005 by Anu Mathews
Hi, I would like to know, if there is an IVF/ICSI cycle pregnancy failure what are the parameters I have to look into? Kindly reply
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626. Canadian ART Registry

01 January 2005 by David Mortimer
The Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society (CFAS) and the IVF Directors Group of Canada operate a registry of ART treatments performed in Canada each calendar year. Under a new financial policy, bids for the contract to operate this Canadian ART Registry ("CARTR") are being sought for the year 2005 (data collection on treatment cycles performed in 2004 and pregnancy outcomes for treatments performed in 2002). Interested parties can find the Request for Proposals (RFP) document on the CFAS website at: www.cfas.ca This is an open competition, not restricted to CFAS members. All details necessary for submitting a bid / proposal are included in the RFP document, and bids / proposals will be reviewed in strict accordance with the process described in the RFP document.
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01 January 2005 by Dilip Patil <br />
We are pleased to invite you to participate in? a novel practical workshop on IVM. First Indo-Danish Workshop on Clinical In Vitro Maturation of Human Oocytes Venue: Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre, Mumbai Date: February 28 - March 2, 2005, (immediately following the ISAR 2005 Conference.) During the workshop, live demonstrations will take place. These include oocyte retrieval and the associated laboratory procedures. Interaction between the demonstrators and the audience will be encouraged. A workshop manual with all relevant information will be offered on CD. All participants are eligible for a certificate of attendance. Present in the audience for further advice and discussions will be prominent clinicians and scientists in the field of ART.? During the afternoon sessions there will be lectures and discussion on cryopreservation methods related to IVM and ART. Faculty: Clinic:??? Professor S. Lindenberg (Denmark), Dr. Firuza R. Parikh, and Dr. Shr..
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628. Deadline Approaching - Applications for on-line Masters Degree in Clinical Embryology and Andrology

01 January 2005 by Sue Gitlin
The next class for the on-line Masters Degree in Clinical Embryology and Andrology (distance-learning program) offered by The Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical School is open for applications. A limited number of positions are available for the next class that begins in May 2005. This is a two-year program designed to meet the needs of embryologists, andrologists, physicians and others who seek in-depth training in the scientific basis and practice of assisted reproduction. The on-line format provides the ability for students to remain in their current positions while completing the distance-learning program. Courses include: cell and molecular biology, reproductive endocrinology, embryology, andrology, ART laboratory, quality assurance, genetics, cryopreservation, and ethics and law. Faculty at Eastern Virginia Medical School include Jacob Mayer PhD (Program Director), Helena Russell MS, Susan Gitlin MS, Miriam Rosenthal PhD, Laurel Stadtmau..
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629. Loading the embryo transfer catheter

01 January 2005 by mai galal
What is the ratio of air to media in the catheter and its amount?
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630. Robert G. Edwards embryo transfer catheter

01 January 2005 by Barta Csaba <br />
Does anybody have personal experience with Robert G. Edwards (GenX International-23 cm w/5 mm exposed,pink,REF: PINL-235) embryo transfer catheter? We have some problems with it. The loading and discharging time is longer,more rigid-compared to Wallace catheter (Edwards-Wallace Embryo Replacement Catheter,230 mm REF:1816 N). When we load the catheter (air-embryos-air-medium) these columns are joined. Sometimes the soft inner part of the catheter moves very difficult to the outer part of the catheter. Many thanks...
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