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621. Fungal growth in Incubator

05 December 2004 by Charudutt Joshi
We are having two incubators Binder/ Hareous. One year back we use to get frequent fungal contamination which along with time reduced. At this time we have used Sodium dodysyl sulphate (Lawrel sulphate) a pinch to the water pan. We have started getting same type of contamination again. We change pan water every week still it appears. Can any one suggest what to do in such situation.
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622. Cleaning

05 December 2004 by selcuk duman
I have the following questions: 1-What is the best and suitable disinfectant solution to clean hands before entering ART lab? 2-How many times and how long does it takes?
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623. Low dose hCG

05 December 2004 by Mark Perloe
Previously our stimulation protocols included a mix of FSH and HMG. Recently we replaced HMG with low dose hCG calculating the dose as LH=1/2 FSH and 1 IU hCG = 12 IU LH, so the dose was calculated as 1/12 FSH units. We either started at initiation of FSH or when follicles are 13mm in size. OHSS risk was greatly increased with early hCG administration. Has anyone had similar experiences?
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624. Depleted uranium

05 November 2004 by Tiziana Marsella
We have a patient who was in contact with depleted uranium during the past kosovo war. His semen parameters now are normal, but some specialists found some heavy particles both in his semen plasma and both attached around the sperm head. After gradient separation the spermatozoa resulted "heavy particles"-free. Furthermore a fish test performed on spermatozoa revealed no abnormality. My question is: it's correct to suggest to this patient to conceive naturally or it would be better to suggest an IVF cycle? And extremely, it would be recommended to not conceive at all? thank everybody for your cooperation
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625. Disinfection at oocyte retrieval

05 November 2004 by Gianni Vizziello
I have the following questions: 1. what's the ideal disinfectant solution to clean cervix before eggs retrieval?is Betadine toxyc? 2. is it mandatory to employ antibiotical prophylaxis during eggs retrieval?
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626. Media building

05 November 2004 by Bill Boone
I heard some interesting talks at the last ASRM meeting concerning media building. I would like to talk to those individuals that still make their own media. Please contact me at the email address below.
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627. Psychological tests

05 November 2004 by Stefano Bernardi
I would want to know if exist in literature of the psychological tests to care of maternity / paternity desire for the infertility couple. Psychologist, Via Musiani, 5, 47900 Rimini - Italy
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628. CBS straw sealing system

05 November 2004 by Shaun Kelly
I would like to know if anyone has any comments about the CBS straw sealing system and its use in an IVF lab. We are considering buying one at the moment and just wanted to know the real story from someone using the system. Thanks
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629. Infection in ART lab

01 November 2004 by DHARMESH KAPADIA
Dear friends, I have been getting infection in my culture dishes since last two to three ivf cycles. In between one cycle didnt catch infection. I know sperms are the main culprit if there is any infection, but please share your views regarding prevention of infection
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630. Effect of various parameters on Semen quality

29 October 2004 by Dr.S.Murugan <br />
I am preparing a research article entitled "Effect of various parameters on Semen quality" in this regard I would like to know some information about the effect of Polygamy on semen quality,age on semen quality. If any one help me to give the references and comments in this regard is highly appreciable.
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