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621. Rescue ICSI and beta HCG

25 September 2004 by sumram
Three rescue-ICSI embryos were transferred. On 15th day the HCG level was 780. On day 16 there was some bleeding. On day 17 the HCG was 540 and on day 19 the HCG was 280. The patient also has hyperstimulation. Can some one comment on the possibility of pregnancy?
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622. Are we stll working in the DARK?

25 September 2004 by Shantal Rajah
Are we stll working in the DARK? I am working in the field nearly 16 yrs now. I have learned to work in the dark with a side lamp facing towards the ceiling or wall. For the past year or so I am working in the normal light (lab has no windows - only 100 watts small spot lights ) and seen no changes in pregnancy rate or sperm activity. I just wonder how many units still work in the dark? In fact with strict quality control and other changes in the lab recently I have improved our pregnancy rate. Any Comment?
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623. The use of Ru486 to hasten menses to initiate ART

25 September 2004 by Craig R. Sweet, M.D.
I have a patient that is currently cycle day 17 and generally has 32 day cycles. She is wanting to do ART but we run our cycles in batches each lasting about nine weeks. With the ASRM meeting coming up, I am concerned that she will fall out of the current cycle of patients. I need to shorten her luteal phase. I am aware that Ru486 when given in the middle and later luteal phase will shorten it but I have a few concerns: -Has anyone every used Ru486 prior to an ART cycle? -The half-life of Ru486 is rather long at 20-54 hours. I am concerned that there will be small amounts of the medication still present when ovarian stimulation would be initiated. -What dosage would be recommended (25 mg has been published in the past)? Besides the obvious answer to wait for my next cycle of patients, this impatient patient is seeking ART soon and I trying to accommodate. Any other ideas? Thanks
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624. ?Salary

24 September 2004 by David Blogg
What is the starting salary range for a Clinical Embryologist in Boston, MA? I have 7 years experience in an Embryology Lab (biotech).
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625. Hepes-EBSS

24 September 2004 by Rajesh Srivastava
I will appreciate if someone can provide me the address of any manufacturer in USA to buy Hepes-Earle's balanced salt solution.
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626. Christian response to IVF

04 August 2004 by Gerry Williams
I am a Local Preacher with the Methodist Church in the Gosport & Fareham Circuit [Hampshire]. As part of my final training, i am exploring the Christian attitudes towards IVF, human cloning, genetic manipulation and related topics. I am seeking a Christian scientist, embryologist or academic within the field of human reproduction/IVF/cloning who would be willing to correspond with me. There are fundamental religious issues to be addressed in this area and there remains much controversy around the science currently being deployed and that which may be deployed in the future. Any such correspondence will be included in my thesis and will be submitted to correspondents prior to submission to the Methodist Church for adjudication. Details: Gerry Williams. 126, St. Vincent Road, Gosport. Hants. PO12 4RF Tel: 023-92356303 Fax: 023-9242-9342 Mobile: 07710-565506
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627. Seeking an (ICSI) cours

04 September 2004 by m h challar
I have a Master degree in laboratory diagnosis, I'd like to know where could i take a training or academic course in the field of (ICSI). I'd like to inform about the costs and fees. best regards. Sincerely Yours, M H Challar
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628. Frozen Embryo Disposition

23 August 2004 by Doug Raburn
I am looking for additional options for our patients with cryopreserved embryos. Does anyone know of program(s) that are in need of or at least willing to accept cryopreserved human embryos either for research or "adoption"? Thanks, Doug
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629. Vacuolation

17 July 2004 by Nurul
What are the causes of vacuolation in oocytes?
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630. Familial Mediteranean Fever

17 August 2004 by Simon Walton
Does anyone have any experience with Familial Mediteranean Fever (FMF) and recurrent miscarriage?
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