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# Title Date Added Replies
621 Survey of current ET parctice 13 June 2005 6
I am doing a world wide survey on current ET pracice. If any one wants to partcipate please let me know your email address for me to send the quetionnaire. I am also going to give the survey questionnair sheet(very short answers as yes/no or routine/selective) to willing colleagues to fill in at ESHRE meeting in Copenhegan. Please let me know. Many thanks
622 necessary ART investigations 09 June 2005 2
What are the necessary investigations before and during ART
623 ivf in hypogonadotropic hypogonadism 08 June 2005 1
what are the chances of IVF success in women with hypogonadotropic hypogonadism. Shall we try to stimulate the patient herself or should straightaway go for egg donation? Help!
624 TECHNICIAN 06 June 2005 0
Please can anybody be kind enough to give me a list of necessary investigations required for ART for the female, male, semen, oocytes and embryos
625 Non Medical After care ET 05 June 2005 1
I am interested to know how many units give "Non Medical" ET after care advice (2wks) to patients such as drink milk for calcium and lactose,resting,ponstan or pain/relaxing remedi, avoid sex or have using condom, avoid public pools/whirl, or to do yoga/meditation/reflexology or any special food/fruit/drink. Lately I mentioned to drink milk to few patients (mostly unexp infertility), and they told me the milk has done the trick when their repeat cycle was sucessful. Also like to know how many units do not believe on this issue. Many thanks
626 endometrial cell line culture 30 May 2005 2
Der Members, My self is charudutt Joshi. I am working on endometrial cell line culture from stem cells to improve implantation rate. Can some one has experiance of endometrial cell line culture.
627 sex-selection 28 May 2005 1
I would like to know a male sex-selection protocol for IUI patient with normal semen parameter and previous natural pregnancies
628 low implantation rate 27 May 2005 3
what could be the cause for low implatation rate other than age and abnormal embryos, in the presence of good quality embryos and easy embryo transfere.
629 IVF lab restructuration 25 May 2005 1
Dear IVF members, I'm going to restructure the IVF laboratory where I work. I know that there are some aromatics compounds in glues used for linoleum that are toxic for embryo growth. however I don't know which these compounds specifically are. I need to know: what is the allowed concentration of these compounds in glues? which are the best materials, glues and in particular, to use for cover both walls and floor of my lab? there are some commercially materials available specifically for IVF lab? thank you for yuor kindly cooperation
630 International Conference on ? ?Male reproduction and Infertility 25 May 2005 0
Andrology Forum, INDIA conjointly with ICMR-Advanced Centre for Cellular and Molecular Reproduction & Dept. of Molecular Reproduction & Development Genetics, IISc, in association with Urological Society of India (USI) & Indian Society for the Study of Reproduction and Fertility (ISSRF) is organising an International Conference on ? ?Male reproduction and Infertility?, in Bangalore - Sept 16, 17 & 18, 2005. The congress will focus through evidence based discussion on spermatogenesis / endocrinological issues in male fertility, methods of maximizing fertility, future strategies for enhancing fertility and research with focused discussion on ED & Male ageing. The planned workshops are: Operative Andrology, Semenology, IUI & basic ART, Research methodology in Andrology & ART For further details contact: Email: androl@mrdg.iisc.ernet.in Website: www.androl.mrdg.iisc.ernet.in Dr Vasan S S Organising Secretary ? vasan@vsnl.com

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