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621. Robert G. Edwards embryo transfer catheter

01 January 2005 by Barta Csaba <br />
Does anybody have personal experience with Robert G. Edwards (GenX International-23 cm w/5 mm exposed,pink,REF: PINL-235) embryo transfer catheter? We have some problems with it. The loading and discharging time is longer,more rigid-compared to Wallace catheter (Edwards-Wallace Embryo Replacement Catheter,230 mm REF:1816 N). When we load the catheter (air-embryos-air-medium) these columns are joined. Sometimes the soft inner part of the catheter moves very difficult to the outer part of the catheter. Many thanks...
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622. WiCell training sessions added

01 January 2005 by Lynn A. Schmidt, Administrative Projects Specialist, WiCell Research Institute
WiCell Research Institute, Madison, Wisconsin, announces three additional sessions of its "Introduction to Human Embryonic Stem Cell Culture Methods" course. This hands-on, basic techniques training is offered over two full days, with an additional half-day option available at no additional cost. The optional half day will include freezing mouse embryonic feeder cells and human embryonic stem cells. In addition, students may use this day to consult with the instructors on any protocols covered during the first two days of class. PLEASE NOTE: This class does NOT cover directed differentiation of HES cells or the derivation of HES cell lines. Enrollees have a choice of the following new sessions: February 14-16, March 14-16, and April 11-13, 2005. Additional information and on-line registration are available at www.wicell.org.
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623. Planer Cryo 10 Series III

31 December 2004 by Nicole Buehler
We are aware that TS Scientific is no longer responsible for Planer products. We recently upgraded our freezer to use the MRV User Interface v5.05. Since the upgrade we have been having issues with our freezers that need to be repaired. Does anyone have contact information of someone that will fix our Planer freezer? Thank you in advance,
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624. Brady labels for culture dishes

31 December 2004 by Anders Bek-Pedersen
Many IVF labs are using the Brady labels for labeling cryo straws, but does anyone have practical experience using the Brady labels on dishes used for culturing oocytes/embryos? If yes - which of the different types of label material is recommendable? + does anyone have information on the difference in toxicity of the different types?
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625. Irregular and odd shape of egg - To ICSI or not

31 December 2004 by Ruhaima Ramli
1) I have experienced an irregular, odd shape of eggs and bilayered zona pellucida a number of times. The shape were either very oblong or flattened and have large PVS. Usually they have tough cumulus masses and not easy to strip. It is quite uneasy to hold the egg to check for PB or to roll them properly during ICSI. Should we do ICSI or not, anyone? 2) What is the chances of these eggs to be fertilized, cleaved and hatched? Many thanks.
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626. ICSI licence

05 December 2004 by Mei yan Yang
Dear friends: Would you know about the ICSI licence issued from Europe area or any authoritative party in the reproductive field? As an clinical embryologist, how and what can I certify to get this pratical technique licence. Or anyone who look around this website can share your view or experience for me? Thanks a lot!
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627. Tough cumulus masses

05 December 2004 by Catherine Bebington
We've recently noticed a few patients with tough cumulus masses, making the eggs very difficult to strip for ICSI. Once stripped, the eggs are generally mature. This has happened to some or all of the eggs from some patients over a period of 2-3 weeks. The cumulus appears more opaque than normal and is difficult to draw up even a non-pulled pipette. Drug regimens, E2 levels, follicle size, HCG dose and time are as usual. Has anyone else experienced this or have any ideas?
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628. Percentage Oxygen in triple gas incubators

05 December 2004 by Sanjay Shukla
I would appreciate to know what concentration of O2 is optimum in triple gas incubators at which one gets best quality embryos and subsequent pregnancy? We are using a Galaxy R series incubator.
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629. How and how often do we clean our incubators?

05 December 2004 by Christos Karageorgos
I recently bought two new incubators which came with a disinfectant named Barrycidal as a suggestion for cleaning and disinfection. I am a little skeptical about using anything that is drastic enough to be called anything-cidal inside my incubators so I did a little search and found out that it is a preparation used for disinfecting surfaces in operating theatres and it is supposed to be safe enough to use on skin. Most info is in Italian or German so I haven't been able to form an opinion. Does anybody know anything about the use of Barrycidal inside an incubator? And furthermore during the eight years that I have been working in IVF I have seen people use water, 7X PF or 70% alcohol to clean their incubators and clean them as?frequently?as two times a month or as far apart as three times a year. I would like to hear comments on how often you would clean your NOT INFECTED incubators and with what? Thank you
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630. Fungal growth in Incubator

05 December 2004 by Charudutt Joshi
We are having two incubators Binder/ Hareous. One year back we use to get frequent fungal contamination which along with time reduced. At this time we have used Sodium dodysyl sulphate (Lawrel sulphate) a pinch to the water pan. We have started getting same type of contamination again. We change pan water every week still it appears. Can any one suggest what to do in such situation.
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