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621. Expired recombinant human gonadotropins

11 February 2004 by Michelle Sparman
Our ART Core is interested if anyone has or knows of available expired recombinant human gonadotropins (e.g. r-hFSH, r-hLH). We will gladly pay for all shipping costs. Please contact sparmanm@ohsu.edu with your response.

Thank you in advance.
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622. Egg/embryo Transport system

11 February 2004 by Usanee Jetsawangsri
Dear sir
Does anyone have an experience or suggestion of how the egg/embryo should be transported? We have the service of getting the egg from other hospital and come back to our lab for IVF or ICSI and then send the embryos back on Day 3 or Day 5 to the referred hospital for ET. Does anybody have this kind of service similar to us? I would be pleased if you could share your practice or experience with us.
Thanks and best regards
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623. Long Term Storage of Human Cryopreserved Embryos

02 February 2004 by Michael L. Reed
There is an ongoing discussion at EmbryoMail at http://www.anri.barc.usda.gov/embryomail/default.htm regarding the viability of human embryos after long term storage. The reason the discussion started is not as important, but it does demonstrate the need for a better method to track pregnancies/deliveries from embryos that have been cryopreserved for many years.

An international data base was establised for sharing information on blastocyst transfer cycles, however I've not heard much about it recently. Perhaps it would be possible to expand a data base, for tracking experiences with the viability of long term embryo storgage, monozygotic twinning, imprinting issues, skewed gender ratios, and so forth. I'm certainly no expert at this, and I imagine it would require some form of funding as well. Just a thought.

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624. Legislation information on IVF of endangered species and humans

02 February 2004 by Lisa MacDonald
I was just wondering where to find legislation information on IVF of endangered species and humans.
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625. Immature oocytes & thin zonae

02 February 2004 by Stephanie Gadd
We have just treated a patient who appeared to respond well. We collected 12 oocytes with moderate flushing of follicles. At oocyte retrieval the oocytes had very few coronal cells although the rest of the cumulus appeared normal. After IVF only one oocyte fertilised and subsequently arrested. All other oocytes were Met 1 with no perivitelline space, several with thin zonae and all zonae had a ragged appearance. These have not matured in culture. Has anyone experienced something similar and do you think she is likely to have a similar outcome in a second attempt?
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626. Seminal collection devices

09 October 2004 by Stan Harris
We have recently learned that Milex products is no longer supplying the pro-ception seminal pouch. We had been using it for those patients that would produce a sample by no other means. Does anyone know of a similar device? The pro-ception pouch was clear plastic, not latex. It made recovery of the semen quite easy. Thanks...Stan Harris
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627. New ivf lab in lahore pakistan

02 February 2004 by prof rehana malik
i intend setting up an ivf lab in lahore pakistan. kindly let me know the equipment and the cost involved, in fact everything from A to Z.
kind regards,
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628. Embryo transfer technique

02 February 2004 by Dr G H Mohamed
Immediately after oocyte retrieval I normally do a mock transfer to assess if ET is going to be difficult or not. Sometimes at the mock transfer I find blood INSIDE the soft inner transfer catheter. I assume this indicates injury to the endometrium. If this is so would the embryo recover before a day 3 transfer??? Is there any benefit in delaying transfer to DAY 5. Is there anything else i could do to asssit recover. I begin CL support on tjhe day of retrieval. Your advise would be much appreciated
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629. Acrosomal integrity

20 January 2004 by Efren Torres
I would like to know if somebody can recomend me a commercial kit to evaluate "acrosomal integrity" .
Thank a lot
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630. Number of Cycles per Embryologist

15 January 2004 by Shantal Rajah
Does any one know the number of cycles per year an embryologist should work in a busy unit?
I remember, 2 yrs ago the number was given as ~100 to 125 cycles/ embryologist. Is this right? or please let me know where can I find this information? Checked with HFEA and found nothing in their guide lines.
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