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621. HIV serodiscordant couples

26 August 2005 by Vikram
In HIV serodiscordant couples looking for reproductive options should the female partner be started on HAART therapy at the time of Interauterine Insemination
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622. HIV Serodiscordant Couples

26 August 2005 by Vikram Jain
Should HIV serodiscordant couples choose intrauterine insemination after sperm washing or Intracytoplasmic sperm Injection.
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623. Piping for CO2 to incubators

26 August 2005 by Lucy Jenner
I know that this discussion has gone round and round over the years, but searching the archives I am still not sue what to do. We are currently setting up a new ivf lab and the fitters are at the stage of installing the piping to bring the CO2 from the cylinders - kept outside the building - to the changover units in the lab. I found out this week that they had ordered copper piping, so I have stopped them while I investigate. I was sure that copper should not be used due to the toxicity of copper oxide compounds to embryos. I have found several conflicting points of view posted on both ivf.mail and embryomail. Some contributors seem to feel that this may be a good thing! I would be grateful for any information ivf.mail members can give me. Thankyou very much.
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624. some help

18 August 2005 by Farahnaz Yousefi
I am board certifed obstetrician gynecologist from iran.I am interested in Reproductive medicine and IVF. Does anybody know how I can get some self_ funded courses in this field or get some experinece as an observer?
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625. dewars

07 August 2005 by Sunita Patwari
How can I find leakage in my liquid nitrogen containers (dewars)?
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626. Vapour Storage

03 August 2005 by Steve Fuller
Can I ask what the experience has been using vapour storage of embryos and sperm. Are there any problems or pitfalls to avoid?
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627. endometrial cell line culture

30 May 2005 by Charudutt Joshi
Der Members, My self is charudutt Joshi. I am working on endometrial cell line culture from stem cells to improve implantation rate. Can some one has experiance of endometrial cell line culture.
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628. Delayed poly-pronuclear formation with human IVF

13 January 2005 by Michael L. Reed
Polyspermic fertilization and human IVF: I?m looking for data, experiences, and so on, regarding late or delayed pronucleus formation, specifically when a third (or more) pronuclei develops much later in the day, after finding the expected 2 pronuclear configuation at the initial ?fertilization check? window at approximately 14-16 hours post insemination. Does anyone routinely look at pronuclear stage ova more than once for this type of phenomenon? Thanks!
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629. Cryo preserving without liquid nitrogen

12 January 2005 by Anders Bek-Pedersen
Does anyone have practical experience with the Asymptote freezer in which the straws are claimed not to be in contact with the liquid nitrogen?
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630. IVF/ICSI cycle pregnancy failure

05 January 2005 by Anu Mathews
Hi, I would like to know, if there is an IVF/ICSI cycle pregnancy failure what are the parameters I have to look into? Kindly reply
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