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621. Number of technicians

24 July 2004 by William Wong
Someone asked me to send this question to IVF mail, hope can get help. He works in a private IVF lab. His work duty is all work as a lab director, embryologist and andrologist. Every year, he does 250 fresh IVF cycles, 60 Frozen cycles, 300-400IUI and ~300 complete semen analysis, and QC, QA, QI, CAP inspection paper work, SART data entry, supply order and all others in ART labortory by himself. He wants to know how many employees should work in such lab according to your opinion. Because there is no regulation about this issue from CLIA, CAP and other organization, it is very difficult to get information.
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622. X-ray checking of liquid nitrogen shippers

24 July 2004 by Yifang Wang
Does anybody know if the X-ray checking of liquid nitrogen shipper containing cryo-preserved sperms or embryos at the custom will comprimise the libility of embryos (ex. causing mutation etc)? Are there any researches have been done on this matter?
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623. EmbryoGLUE

24 July 2004 by MAYS ALADHAM
We are disscussing the issue of embryoglue for embryo transfer to inhance implantation rate . it would be greatfull if any has experience with such media, its results and risks.
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624. No gestational sac after 6 weeks

10 October 2004 by Dr. Rashida
After 4 weeks of ET there is no gestational sac in the uterus in spite of high (4256)beta hCG.Is it possible to get any gestational sac after 6 weeks of ET?
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625. Quality control scheme

24 July 2004 by Moira Laing
I am looking for an embryo grading quality control scheme. Does anyone know of one?
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626. Liquid Nitrogen alarm systems

13 July 2004 by Kathy Kallmann
We are looking for an alarm system and autodialer for our liquid nitrogen storage tanks. Does anyone have any recommendations? TS Scientific closed their doors on June 30th and I am not sure what other vendors supply this equipment. Thank you.
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627. To set low cost Art cinic

13 July 2004 by Mariam faruqui
I am eager to set a low cost ART centre for poor people of my country. As in Bangladesh ,our populaiton is very high so number of infertile patient is also high and they are poor enough to go for investigstion and subsequent treatment. So iam very much eager to set up such clinic . But to set up such a clinic will need dedication, sincerity and above all Financial support to setup such clinic. i am requesting any ART centre toassist me in this respect.
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628. Triple gas incubators

07 July 2004 by Jos? Rosales
Does anyone use a triple gas incubator in their ivf lab? Is it better to culture embryos in triple gas ambient? What is the percentage of oxygen that we should use? Is a triple gas mixture in a cylinder conected to a modular incubator a reliable method to use instead a triple gas incubator? Thanks to all.
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629. Treatment of patients sero positive for hepatitis B

07 July 2004 by Shrikant
Dear friends, we have a couple for ICSI, Husband sperm count 5 mill / ml , only with grade III motility. Wife is sero positive for hepatitis B, but husband is negative and he has been vaccinated recently. 1. What will be the chances of him being carrier (received his first dose of vaccination recently ) 2. When Should we plan the pick up? 3. Should this patient is to be programmed seperately(for pick up). 4. What precautions should the embryologist and gynaecologist (Pick up & ET )follow. 5. What about cryopreservation ( many references advice against it) 6. Please comment on Oocyte and embryo quality 7. What are the chances of the embryos / baby (?) being affected by it ? 8. What are the steps to be taken to sterilize the lab after such a proceure. thanks in advance (Personal experience please) Shrikant Ruby Hall Clinic Pune .INDIA
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630. ?ICSI and FEMALE infertility

08 June 2004 by edward reesha
I know traditionally, icsi is used in cases of failed IVF's and male infertility. But in cases of poor female responders (i.e., high FSH levels), what is effect of icsi procedure in terms of pregnancy success rate?
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