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621. ?ICSI and FEMALE infertility

08 June 2004 by edward reesha
I know traditionally, icsi is used in cases of failed IVF's and male infertility. But in cases of poor female responders (i.e., high FSH levels), what is effect of icsi procedure in terms of pregnancy success rate?
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622. Good fertilization with low quality embryos!

08 June 2004 by MAYS ALADHAM
lately i have high fertilization rate but unfortunatly lower grading of embryos although the injection is being done in proper way . it would be useful if anyone have explanation for such situation and what should i do ! mays
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623. HCG Dosage

08 June 2004 by Tracy Ong
Do u have any opinion and comments on the profusic HCG dosage of 5,000 iu or 10,000 iu for the final egg maturation triggering. For the total of more than 10 eggs such as 12, 17, 18,and 21 eggs only triggling with the 5,000 iu (instead of the standard of 10,000iu) to avoid the OHSS . I am concerned will it affect the egg maturity interm of the cytoplasmiic immaturity ? kindly advise. Remark: What is your opinion on the fragmented PB correlation to the embryo quality is it very psoitively correltaed from your experience.?
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624. More questions

10 October 2004 by sandeep joshi
1. Are there differences in ivf and icsi embryos. 2. Should embryologist use PVP during ICSI. 3. How do u assess lab. adequacy. 4. How do one define the benchmarks or targets for the ART Lab. 5. Use of chemical or laser technique in embryo biopsy-- does it make a difference
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625. Media storage vessel composition

08 June 2004 by Gianni Vizziello
Could polystirene, of which are made most of IVF disposable (Flaskette, tube, etc.) affect or alterate culture media's constitution during storage? If yes, do you think that propilene is better?
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626. Monozygotic Twinning

02 June 2004 by Michael L. Reed
I'd like to present some questions and observations to the group, to gain a greater understanding of the mechanisms driving monozygotic twinning (MZT) in IVF. Most papers suggest a relationship between MZT and time in culture (day 3 vs. day 5/6), and/or use of sequential media, and/or use of zona breaching techniques (ICSI, AH, other?). A recent paper (Jain et al., 2004 JARG 21:103-107) also suggests the possibility of a mechanism involving signaling by closely implanted embryos. When do the MZT actually form? Pre-hatching, at hatching, or post-hatching/implantation? I've observed one pre-hatching, expanded blastocyst with two distinct inner cell masses (ICM), and several that appear to have cell masses closely opposed but 'bridged' by a cell or cells - and there are a few papers where others have observed these phenomenon as well - demonstrating that at least some of these MZT are formed pre-implantation, pre-hatching. In discussions with a former professor, he observed blasto..
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627. Further questions

02 June 2004 by sathya bala
Could someone clarify- 1.How much does the ELISA kit for s-HLA G cost?Why do we need to wait till day 3 after checking HLA.Why not on Day 2 itself? 2.Should we avoid the entry of the outer catheter into the uterine cavity during EMBRYO TRANSFER?Does it really matter? 3.Is routine flushing of the cervical canal(even in the absence of obvious cervical mucus) useful? Regards Sathya
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628. Clinical oocyte activation

02 June 2004 by Rafel Busc? Quadrada
We have a fertilization failure after ICSI in a case of globozoospermia and we want to repeat the treatment with oocyte activation using calcium ionophore. Please, someone can tell me wich is the protocol to induce artificial oocyte activation in cases of ICSI with globozoospermic sperm injection?
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629. Degeneration of cleaving embryos

02 June 2004 by Artem Beskov
Dear colleagues, Recently we came across an unusual case of complete cleavage failure. Three embryos generated by ICSI of 4 oocytes (one failed to fertilize) were at 2-cell stage and looked absolutely normal (except uneven size of blastomeres in one of them) when checked on day 2, but on day 3 all the three still had 2 blastomeres that looked dark, granulated and a little shrinked. The oocytes at injection showed SER aggregation. The male partner has oligoasthenozoospermia with marked agglutination, MAR test in the "grey zone", both partners have elevated antisperm antibodies levels in blood. After previous ICSI attempt in another clinic they were told that "some problems at fertilization occurred". All the other patients' embryos present at that same time in the equal conditions showed normal development and fertilization, so suboptimal culture environment is very unlikely. It seems that fertilization failure or a common-like development arrest would be easier to ..
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630. PCOS

02 June 2004 by M. AREF
I have a pcos patient, 24 years (day 3 LH=32 and FSH=4 RATIO 8), on flare protocol, who started injection decapeptyl 0.1 mg sc plus 150 IU HMG IM from cycle day 5. ON stimulation day 6 E2 was high (6300 pgm) and it was decided to stop HMG and continue with decapeptyl daily and repeat E2 assay daily (COASTING). on coasting day 7 E2 is still very high ( more than 30.000 pgm) and vaginal US showing 15-20 follicles in each ovary, leading 26 mm in diameter. I decided to cancel the cycle. ANY COMMENTS PLEASE.
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