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621. Embryo transfer technique

02 February 2004 by Dr G H Mohamed
Immediately after oocyte retrieval I normally do a mock transfer to assess if ET is going to be difficult or not. Sometimes at the mock transfer I find blood INSIDE the soft inner transfer catheter. I assume this indicates injury to the endometrium. If this is so would the embryo recover before a day 3 transfer??? Is there any benefit in delaying transfer to DAY 5. Is there anything else i could do to asssit recover. I begin CL support on tjhe day of retrieval. Your advise would be much appreciated
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622. Acrosomal integrity

20 January 2004 by Efren Torres
I would like to know if somebody can recomend me a commercial kit to evaluate "acrosomal integrity" .
Thank a lot
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623. Number of Cycles per Embryologist

15 January 2004 by Shantal Rajah
Does any one know the number of cycles per year an embryologist should work in a busy unit?
I remember, 2 yrs ago the number was given as ~100 to 125 cycles/ embryologist. Is this right? or please let me know where can I find this information? Checked with HFEA and found nothing in their guide lines.
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624. Shipping oocytes to the US

13 January 2004 by Gabriel
Does someone else know what do I need to ship frozen oocytes from South America to US?


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625. CO2 incubators

13 January 2004 by Philip Milne
We are currently in the process of investing in new CO2 incubators for IVF purposes. Initially deciding for the Heracell 240, we saw the RS Biotech Galaxy Range at a recent conference and was impressed by there overall design and features.

Does anyone have any comments in regards to the Galaxy Range. We are considering several of the Galaxy R 170L models.

Any comments good or bad are appreciated
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626. Hamster Eggs

13 January 2004 by Efren Torres
Hello, my name is Efren I am from Venezuela Sudamerica. I would like to fine a crio bank to buying Hamster embryos to be used in a quality control system. If will be very gracefull if you can recomend a web site. Thank
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627. Temperature of Follicle Flushing Media

02 January 2004 by Usanee Jetsawangsri
How do you manage with the temperature lost of the follicle flushing media from the syringe in ovum aspiration pump ( COOK ) to the end of the aspiration needle? We found that the temperature drop about 7 -10 C when it comes out of the needle. How can we control the temprerature lost while doing the ovum aspiration process?
Thanks and best regards
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628. Embryo transfer technique

02 January 2004 by D'Pankar Banerji
I will be pleased to get answers for the following querries to improve our inplantation rate.
1.Should we do cervical dilatation routinely before the start of
Gonadotropins ? as it sometimes difficult to do the? embryo transfer even
mock transfer was easy .
2.Should the outer guide be used routinely to guide the inner transfer
catheter? as inner one,if used alone, is so malleable (Cook/Wallace )that it buckles some times and there is fear of loss of embryos in canal.
3.If we use outer guide then should it be placed inside the internal os or
just outside the internal os? as withdrawal of outer creates whirls and may suck the embryos out.
4.Should we place the embryos 1 cm prior to fundus or just distal to
internal os?

We are doing ultrasound guided transfer routinely.
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629. Embryo Freezing machine

02 January 2004 by D'Pankar Banerji
Can anybody help me to decide to purchase Embryo Freezing machine,their pros and cons.Any refurbished or used machine available?
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630. International Shipment of Semen

12 December 2003 by Doug Raburn
We have a patient who would like to freeze a semen specimen here in the U.S. and then ship to India for use in an IVF cycle there. Does anyone know if there are any shipping/customs etc. issues I need to be aware of before I agree to do it?

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