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# Title Date Added Replies
621 Vapour Storage 03 August 2005 1
Can I ask what the experience has been using vapour storage of embryos and sperm. Are there any problems or pitfalls to avoid?
622 ELISA for ASA 25 July 2005 0
Our practice is considering using ELISA for anti-sperm antibodies as well as for several other fertility related issues. Does anyone have any experience with the procedure that could offer information as to the types of ELISA test for ASA that are out there and what manufactures are producing kits? Thank you in advance for your help.
623 Surrogacy and FDA requirement 07 July 2005 1
According to the new FDA regulatioins, is it necessary to pass the quaratine period for male partner of the couple to use the surrogate or only the donor screening preocedures and tests are needed to be done?. As the embryo forming in result of the couple's gametes will be transferred to surrogate (not autologous), what steps are necessary to be completed?
624 GDF9 and IVM 23 June 2005 0
is it possible to use recombinant GDF9 for oocyte culture and invitro maturation protocols? if yes, how?
625 Survey on ET practice 18 June 2005 0
I cannot attach my survey file (questions) in this site. Dr GH Mohamed, Alok Teotia, Andrew Gordon please contact me via email, so that I can attach the survey file to you to fill in. My email addresses are- Svr0793@aol.com or Shantal.Rajah@Nuffieldhospitals.org.uk I appreciate your help. Many thanks. I would like more members to come forward please!
626 GDF9 15 June 2005 0
ROLE OF GDF-9 IN OVARIAN FOLLICLE DEVELOPMENT AND FEMALE INFERTILITY TREATMENT GDF-9 is a very compelling target for nonsteroidal contraceptive development as well as a candidate protein for addition in assisted fertility and in vitro fertilization protocols. An appropriate expression of GDF-9 is associated with successful ovarian follicle maturation and pregnancy outcome in an IVF program. . Further investigation of intragonadal factors regulating ovarian function will certainly continue to reveal the intricacies of oocyte-somatic cell communication essential for correct development and fertility.
627 Survey of current ET parctice 13 June 2005 6
I am doing a world wide survey on current ET pracice. If any one wants to partcipate please let me know your email address for me to send the quetionnaire. I am also going to give the survey questionnair sheet(very short answers as yes/no or routine/selective) to willing colleagues to fill in at ESHRE meeting in Copenhegan. Please let me know. Many thanks
628 necessary ART investigations 09 June 2005 2
What are the necessary investigations before and during ART
629 ivf in hypogonadotropic hypogonadism 08 June 2005 1
what are the chances of IVF success in women with hypogonadotropic hypogonadism. Shall we try to stimulate the patient herself or should straightaway go for egg donation? Help!
630 TECHNICIAN 06 June 2005 0
Please can anybody be kind enough to give me a list of necessary investigations required for ART for the female, male, semen, oocytes and embryos

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