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Lysed Cell Removal (LCR) after freezing - thawing.

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The process of freezing and thawing can be fairly harsh on the embryos and often not all of the cells or embryos survive. Lysed Cell Removal is a new technique that has been shown to dramatically increase the implantation potential of embryos that have been damaged by thawing. The technique known as Lysed Cell Removal (LCR) is giving improved results. It works by making a small hole in the zona pellucida with acid or laser then removing the cells that were damaged by the freezing which are thought to either disrupt the development of the embryo or produce negative factors as they degenerate.

The video shows a small hole being made in the zona (egg shell) with a laser on the right hand side of the egg, then pipette is placed into the hole and lysed cells are aspirated. The embryo is then turned showing all traces of lysed cells have been removed.
Video courtesy of Reproductive Biology Associates, Atlanta, Georgia.
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