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# Title Photo Hits Reviews Rating
1 Anti-vibration sheet for micro-manipulator 2714 0 5.00
Can some suggest me a commercial anti-vibratiin sheet for my narishige micro-manipulator?
2 CRi Oosight Imaging System 7846 0 4.39
See life in a new light. Non-invasively reveal the spindle and zona pellucida in living oocytes to improve results using the new CRi Oosight Imaging System. The Oosight System is the next-generation of CRi?s own, original, industry-leading SpindleView? system. Use it for assisted reproductive technology applications for imaging the meiotic and mitotic spindle, the three-layered zona pellucida, and other birefringent structures. Assess the quality of living oocytes. Non-invasively locate and position the spindle for ICSI. Monitor changes in spindle parameters from oocyte-to-oocyte. Identify when a spindle has been disrupted and formed a multipolar structure. Remove the spindle in nuclear transfer techniques without using Hoechst dye DNA staining, thus minimizing damage to vital cytoplasmic organelles. Track the changing molecular organization of the zona pellucida through embryo development. The Oosight system is compatible with most microscopes and laser-assisted hatching systems. Our latest software allows: Real-time imaging (both through the eyepieces and on the computer screen) No setup procedure required (no sample prep, no lengthy calibration or lamp adjust necessary) Integration with leading laser system Birefringence data to be automatically displayed for the spindle and inner-layer zona pellucida Easy-to-use, Windows?-based operation with single-click image acquisition Time-lapse digital movie capture option
3 Holding Micropipets 6556 0 2.67
Holding micropipets are microtools used to hold and immobilize the oocyte or blastocyst.
4 ICSI Micropipets 6749 0 2.33
ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) micropipets are used to aspirate and inject the sperm cell directly into the oocyte.
5 ZILOS-tk Laser System 7197 0 3.56
The ZILOS-tk features a Class 1 Laser integrated into a specially designed 40x objective and the patented Isotherm Rings - the Original Embryo Safeguard! No other system gives you the ease of use, flexibility, and portability of the ZILOS-tk!  New Features (Oct. 2007) Time-lapse video: Define the caoture interval, length and playback speed to create time lapse video Add freehand text, ellipses, rectangle, line and measurements to captured images Define automatic labels to appear on captured images. Multiple lables may be stored and activated at will Automatically add the file name or full path & file name to saved images. Installs on Any Inverted Microscope Since the ZILOS-tk laser is based on the standard objective height, it easily installs on turrets of all models of inverted microscopes, even older models. Also, the unique design of the laser allows unrestricted access to other installed objectives. And you can switch the ZILOS-tk laser from one brand of microscope to another - without need of physical laser realignment or customization. In addition, the 40x magnification of the ZILOS-tk objective provides the highest magnification available on a zona drilling laser unit. Does NOT Interfere with Fluorescence The ZILOS-tk is the only laser system which doesn't require removal of the laser to use fluorescence. The ZILOS-tk laser leaves both the fluorescent light port and the filter cube port open for normal use (Oosight compatible). Other laser systems use one of these ports to install their laser, which interferes with full microscope functionality. Patented Isotherm Rings The Isotherm Rings automatically adjust to display the heat distribution, out to 50°C based on the laser pulse length and laser power. The Isotherm Rings also indicate the laser target and the estimated hole size. The user has the option to view all Isotherm Rings or select which to view. Hands-free Laser Firing When working with micromanipulators, the ZILOS-tk allows you to work in "hands-free" mode by using the optional foot switch to fire the laser. Simply use the manipulators to position the embryo to the target and press the foot switch to fire the laser. Your micromanipulation proceeds rapidly and the time the embryo spends on the microscope stage is minimized. Also, under LOW the Clinical Energy setting, the laser may be fired up to 15 times in 15 seconds, without need of reactivating the laser (10 times at MEDIUM setting). There is also no need to use valuable time to draw the hole size on the monitor since the patent-pending Isotherm Rings automatically show the hole diameter at every pulse and power combination. No Physical Laser Alignment Needed The ZILOS-tk laser is aligned under strictly controlled conditions at the factory and locked in place, so you never have to worry about alignment accuracy (flaring) or perform tedious alignment procedures. Simply collocate the computer generated target to the laser spot and you are ready to go! Simple Installation Simply attach the ZILOS-tk laser-objective to the microscope turret using one of the provided adapters, tighten the lock nut and you are ready to go! Still Image Capture Still images may be captured with or without graphic overlay. You may also set the ZILOS-tk to automatically capture images on laser firing. All images are held in the Image Thumbnail gallery, and then stored and/or deleted at the touch of a button. Video Recording: Real Time & Time Lapse Record real-time or time lapse video of all you procedures with the simple to use video recording controls. Video may be recorded with or without the graphic overlay. Unmatched Portability For a complete laser system, including full featured software and computer, the portability of the ZILOS-tk laptop configuration can't be beat. All laser components fit into a custom designed carry case, which offers both protection and easy transport. Combine this with a laptop unit and a small digital camera, and you can literally walk out the door with a "ZILOS-tk To Go!" Visit our web site (www.hamiltonthonre.com/research/ivf) today to learn more about the ZILOS-tk and read customer testimonials from ZILOS-tk users.
6 Screw Actuated Syringe 7433 0 4.01
SAS-SE AIR SYRINGE For Air-Assisted Micro-Injection and Micro AspirationThe SAS-SE air syringe provides sensitive control, extremely low dead-air volume and a capacity of 10ml. When required, the syringes can generate high pressure or suctionThe screw-actuated syringe is a small, complete unit, incorporating a circular heavy base. Its convenient dimensions enable it to be ergonomically positioned next to the control lever of a micromanipulator to facilitate single-handed operation of both instruments.The syringe is connected by hard polythene tubing to a micropipette, which in turn, may be fitted to a micromanipulator or similar instrument. Suction/injection is obtained by turning the metal coloured actuator screw control on the top of the syringe.The SAS-SE Equilibrating version provides a solution to the problem of capillary attraction when working with small micropipettes and when liquids such as medium are involved. A conveniently situated release button on top of the screw control, is provided to achieve equilibration ? * easy to use* uncomplicated* for air-filled aspiration/injection* accurate* sensitive control* low dead-air volume* high suction/pressure* equilibrating version
7 SaturnActive laser system 7251 0 4.20
RI is proud to announce the launch of the all-new SaturnActive laser system - The world's first directional laser for IVF.Utilising cutting edge robotic technology, laser ablation is now truly under the user's control. Simply position your embryo anywhere in the field of view, click the area of zona to be removed and fire. Using a high power laser diode and a visible pilot laser transmitted through fibre-optics, the SaturnActive is the most accurate system available, using the shortest possible pulses to ensure embryo safety. In fact, the pulses are so short, we now measure in microseconds not milliseconds, making the new laser faster, safer and better!Unique Computer Controlled Laser PositionWith conventional laser systems optimal zona removal is achieved by holding the embryo close to or touching the bottom of the petri-dish. This ensures the laser passes through as little media as possible before hitting the zona. Holes are then drilled in the desired position by moving the embryo on the holding pipette. This requires very accurate alignment of the embryo to the fixed laser target, which can be a slow and timeconsuming process. The SaturnActive eliminates the need to move the embryo allowing the user to simply select the area of zona to be removed with computer-controlled accuracy and simply press the fire button. If more than one embryo can be seen in the field of view the SaturnActive can remove the zona of the second without moving either sample or the microscope stage, thus dramatically reducing the procedure time.Embryo Analysis Software includedThe SaturnActive laser system comes complete with the Cronus3 software suite as standard, providing a digital target, Safety Circle? and digital video recording. It also offers pre-firing hole size indication, image capture, and a range of advanced tools for embryo analysis. This includes measurement of polar body angles, pronuclei, zona, cell diameters and areas. There are also many other embryo scoring and statistical analysis features available.Why do you need a pilot laser?Ablation lasers are invisible, so how do you know that the laser is beingdelivered accurately?Quite simply, with all other laser systems, you don?t. The SaturnActive is the only system to allow the user to visualise the ablation laser. Using fibre-optic technology, the shape and path of the pilot laser exactly replicates the ablation laser. This means that the system can be quickly set up using the pilot laser to ensure that the beam is absolutely perfect. This is essential for a laser system. If you cannot see the exact shape and direction of the beam, you cannot guarantee that the laser is perfectly aligned.Other Key Features of the Saturn LaserHole Size IndicatorThe Cronus3 software will indicate the hole size to be made and will adjust automatically depending on thepulse time used. ? Safety Circle?Cronus3 software provides Safety Circle? Technology which, based on published medical research, indicateshow close to critical cells the laser can be fired. The Safety Circle? increases and decreases according to the pulse time selected.Lowest Pulse Times The maximised efficiency of the SaturnActive laser ensures that it uses the lowest pulse times of any laser product to produce the same sized holes. ?Rock Solid ReliabilityRI has developed the SaturnActive with a unique, stand-alone microcontroller, making the use of a PC optional. For all competitor systems the PC is essential. Uniquely, in the event of a PC crash, the SaturnActive can still be used.
8 Integra Ti 8917 1 4.24
A dedicated system for ICSI, PGD and TransgenicsNever before has micromanipulation been so easy thanks to RI's latest innovation - the Integra micromanipulation system. The revolutionary Integra is incorporated entirely within the microscope stage. The stage surface itself is larger, yet the Integra takes up a fraction of lab space compared to other systems. This all-in-one concept reduces vibration and has been ergonomically designed for simple and rapid operation. ? * Dedicated micromanipulation workstation for ICSI and PGD* Simple to install - just four screws* Larger stage surface yet takes up less lab space* Rapid micropipette setting-up facility* Built-in Air Syringes* Reduced vibration* Unique triple heated stage system* Mechanical coarse and fine x y z micromanipulators* X-y stage operated by a single lever - motorised version also availableThe Integra micromaniuplation system - available for all inverted microscopes. ?MicromanipulatorsMovement of the micropipettes is provided by RI's exceptional TDU500 mechanical micromanipulators, offering the most accurate and precise positioning available. Each micromanipulator offers both fine and coarse xyz control and comes with our latest range of toolholders. The TDU500's are extremely reliable and never require routine servicing.ToolholdersThe new PAR21 single toolholder provides the simplest and quickest system ever for setting up ICSI micropipettes. It allows the user to make very fine adjustments to the angle of the micropipette without the tip ever moving out of focus, ensuring that the micropipette is slightly 'toe-down' during sperm immobilisation and horizontal during injection. This feature reduces the damage caused to the oocyte and therefore increases its chance of survival and hence fertilisation. For PGD, RI have developed a unique double toolholder which offers independent movement of both micropipettes. ? SyringesThe Integra comes as standard with SAS Air Syringes conveniently located next to the fine control levers of the micromanipulators. These are the only air syringes suitable for air injection of the sperm, eliminating the need for oil. The addition of an equilibration button allows the micropipettes to be instantly equilibrated at any time - a very useful and unique feature. Oil systems are available on request.?Pipette Home FunctionAll RI toolholders have a special function to instantly move the micropipette vertically by 16mm. The RI Home Function, consisting of a special objective and spacer, allows the micropipette to be set-up 16mm above the petri-dish and then rapidly lowered to the desired position. This system is extremely quick and simple, and prevents micropipette damage. ? Stage HeatingThe Integra can be supplied with three independently controlled heated surfaces. The combination of the warm inserted stage and the heated petri-dish holder provides the most accurate heated system available to maintain the temperature of additional petri-dishes.?Stage MovementThe Integra is supplied as standard with our excellent DVS variable reduction mechanical stage. The DVS offers both x and y positioning from a single lever, enabling quick and precise positioning of the specimen.?MicroscopesThe Integra can be mounted on any inverted microscope. Please request further information on microscope and optical systems.RI provide complete solutions for micromanipulation including on-site training if required. We also provide a comprehensive range of accessories for ICSI and PGD including a complete range of sterile micropipettes, packaged in our unique Twista-Pak.
9 The Research Instruments range of micropipettes 8014 0 4.69
The Research Instruments range of micropipettes is individually hand-crafted by highly trained technicians.  Each micropipette is individually packed in a Twista-PakTM. Five Twista-Paks are then sealed into a blister- pack to ensure that the micropipettes remain sterile and protected during freight.  The micropipettes are manufactured in an independently validated clean room to FED.STD.209E, class 10,000. All processes are controlled to BSEN46002 and ISO 9002, resulting in ultra-clean and uniform micropipettes. RI's micropipettes are CE marked, endotoxin and embryo tested. Each RI Micropipette is 100% quality controlled at every stage of manufacture. You can rely on RI to provide the highest quality micropipettes. RI has always developed user-friendly products. The use of the Twista-PakTM continues this tradition. The innovative action of the Twista-PakTM ensures easy, damage free removal of the micropipette from its packaging.

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