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1. Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse Details:
Expanded blastocyst (day 5) is hatching through two artificial holes (after assisted hatching by lazer on day 4)-possible origin for  arrising of monozygotic twins after assisted hatching

Submitted by:
Tanya Milachich
Views: 4406

2. Multipronucleate embryo with no polar body

Multipronucleate embryo with no polar body Details:
This embryo was fertilized by conventional insemination. 3PN were observed however there was no sign of a polar body.

Submitted by:
Thomas Elliott
Views: 5039

3. zona free embryos, day 2, day 3 and day 5

zona free embryos,  day 2, day 3 and day 5 Details:
the journey of the zona free oocyte to  the blastocyst stage.

Submitted by:
evrim ünsal, yasemin aktas, feriba turhan, özge üner, bilge ekin
Views: 5603

4. Large oocyte with 2 polar bodies

Large oocyte with 2 polar bodies Details:
This oocyte was larger than it's siblings and had two distinct polar bodies at opposite sides of the central axis. The oocyte was injected and gave rise to a 3 pro nucleate embryo.

Submitted by:
Thomas Elliott
Views: 6632

5. Mickey Mouse Embryo

Mickey Mouse Embryo Details:
Following our trip to Disneyland we were surpised to see this Day 2 embryo when we returned to work!

Submitted by:
Views: 6391

6. Blastocyst from egg without zona pellucida

Blastocyst from egg without zona pellucida Details:
Early blastocyst (1) and Expanded blastocyst(2) derived from an oocyte without zona pellucida after ICSI. Normal fertilization with two pronuclei was registered 18h after the ICSI procedure of this n

Submitted by:
Dimitar Barov
Views: 5173

7. Embryo Defragmenting

Embryo Defragmenting Details:
Removing Fragments and degenerated blastomeres from the Embryo

Submitted by:
Abdul Munaf Sultan
Views: 4994

8. Stump tail immotile sperms

Stump tail immotile sperms Details:
Image shows stump tail spermatozoa recovered from an ejaculate. The subject was treated for childlessness on 4 occasions by ICSI with immotile ejaculatory stump tail spermatozoa. Pregnancy was achieve

Submitted by:
Ali, Jaffar
Views: 5143

9. 3D-PZD (Illustration)

3D-PZD (Illustration) Details:
Three-dimensional partial zona dissection for preimplantation genetic diagnosis and assisted hatching.

Submitted by:
Victor Ivakhnenko
Views: 5477

10. Embryo Conjoined with Oocyte

Embryo Conjoined with Oocyte Details:
Image shows a 8-Cell Human Embryo Conjoined with immature oocyte both of which originally drived from immature oocyte with a GV- Stage oocyte. The mature oocyte was fertilized by ICSI while the GV- st

Submitted by:
Hasan Burjaq
Views: 4546

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