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1. Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse Details:
Expanded blastocyst (day 5) is hatching through two artificial holes (after assisted hatching by lazer on day 4)-possible origin for arrising of monozygotic twins after assisted hatching

Submitted by:
Tanya Milachich
Views: 3799

2. Multipronucleate embryo with no polar body

Multipronucleate embryo with no polar body Details:
This embryo was fertilized by conventional insemination. 3PN were observed however there was no sign of a polar body.

Submitted by:
Thomas Elliott
Views: 4548

3. zona free embryos, day 2, day 3 and day 5

zona free embryos,  day 2, day 3 and day 5 Details:
the journey of the zona free oocyte to the blastocyst stage.

Submitted by:
evrim ünsal, yasemin aktas, feriba turhan, özge üner, bilge ekin
Views: 5137

4. Large oocyte with 2 polar bodies

Large oocyte with 2 polar bodies Details:
This oocyte was larger than it's siblings and had two distinct polar bodies at opposite sides of the central axis. The oocyte was injected and gave rise to a 3 pro nucleate embryo.

Submitted by:
Thomas Elliott
Views: 6049

5. Mickey Mouse Embryo

Mickey Mouse Embryo Details:
Following our trip to Disneyland we were surpised to see this Day 2 embryo when we returned to work!

Submitted by:
Views: 5847

6. Blastocyst from egg without zona pellucida

Blastocyst from egg without zona pellucida Details:
Early blastocyst (1) and Expanded blastocyst(2) derived from an oocyte without zona pellucida after ICSI. Normal fertilization with two pronuclei was registered 18h after the ICSI procedure of this

Submitted by:
Dimitar Barov
Views: 4671

7. Embryo Defragmenting

Embryo Defragmenting Details:
Removing Fragments and degenerated blastomeres from the Embryo

Submitted by:
Abdul Munaf Sultan
Views: 4558

8. Stump tail immotile sperms

Stump tail immotile sperms Details:
Image shows stump tail spermatozoa recovered from an ejaculate. The subject was treated for childlessness on 4 occasions by ICSI with immotile ejaculatory stump tail spermatozoa. Pregnancy was achieve

Submitted by:
Ali, Jaffar
Views: 4668

9. 3D-PZD (Illustration)

3D-PZD (Illustration) Details:
Three-dimensional partial zona dissection for preimplantation genetic diagnosis and assisted hatching.

Submitted by:
Victor Ivakhnenko
Views: 4991

10. Embryo Conjoined with Oocyte

Embryo Conjoined with Oocyte Details:
Image shows a 8-Cell Human Embryo Conjoined with immature oocyte both of which originally drived from immature oocyte with a GV- Stage oocyte. The mature oocyte was fertilized by ICSI while the GV- st

Submitted by:
Hasan Burjaq
Views: 4086

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