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Oocyte quality

By: charudutt joshi, 28 April 2008

Hi We are regularly doing 30-40 cycles every month. In last month batch i found majority of oocytes were showing dark granylarity in central region and around 30% of them were showing vacuoles also. What ever embryos are formed are of good quality grade I embryo but no prgnency achieved. Do some one has same experiance in there practice. What would be wrong here in this case. Is it related with quality of drug used? Thanks [Respond to this question]

Responses (2)
Response from Deepak Goenka 04 May 2008
Most of the time this event is related to one bad gonadotropin batch, provided you are sure of your lab. Can you tell us which company gonadotropin you were using with batch number.
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Response from bb 29 April 2008
I had the same problem with 2 women (both of them had 2 IVF proced.) but it seems to me that issue is more related to the quality of cells of that person than enything else.
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