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Ako Mak
Someday Baby: IVF at 40 “Someday Baby: IVF at 40” is infertility literature―poignant, humorous, and mysterious. When Aiko Foster gave up her high-powered career in Tokyo and moved to Melbourne with her husband, Rupert, she planned on starting a family immediately. At least, that was the plan. But two years later there is still no baby, and 39-year-old Aiko begins to fear she will never have a baby. After being diagnosed with infertility, Aiko and Rupert decide to try in vitro fertilization (IVF). Dealing with troubles with her age as well as her in-laws, Aiko finds the strength to continue treatment a... [Read More]
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Rebecca Fett
It Starts with the Egg: How the Science of Egg Quality Can Help You Get Pregnant Naturally, Prevent Miscarriage, and Improve Your Odds in IVF Whether you are trying to conceive naturally or through IVF, the quality of your eggs will have a powerful impact on how long it takes you to get pregnant and whether you face an increased risk of miscarriage. Poor egg quality is emerging as the single most important cause of age-related infertility, recurrent miscarriage, and failed IVF cycles. It is also a major contributor to infertility in PCOS. Based on a comprehensive investigation of a vast array of scientific research, It Starts with the Egg reveals a groundbreaking new approach for improving egg quality and fertility. With a concrete... [Read More]
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Stephanie Fry
The IVF Journal, The Solution for Managing Practitioners, Tests, Medications, Appointments, Procedures, Finances, and the Emotional Aspects of Your Journey The IVF Journal: The Solution for Managing Practitioners, Tests, Medications, Appointments, Procedures, Finances, and the Emotional Aspects of Your Journey The IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) Journal is your personalized guide to surviving and thriving during your In Vitro Fertilization cycle. The author, a former In Vitro Fertilization patient, guides you before, during, and after your cycle so you can stay informed, reduce stress, and have a more positive cycling experience no matter what the outcome. With calendars, charts, logs, and worksheets, The IVF Journal is designed to be customized to ... [Read More]
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Jason Jackson
Making Babies Making Babies is a thorough and comprehensive compilation of up-to-date scientific research, blended with a wealth of informative, practical knowledge, and is packed full of relevant self-help information that has something to suit everyone. This book has been combined to offer you a 'warts and all' overview of both the medical approach to reproductive dysfunctions and the effective benefits that holistic, natural medicines and conventional, orthodox medicine can have on influencing your reproductive health, general wellbeing and gender selection. Making Babies is an easy-to-read guide that co... [Read More]
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Liza Mundy
Everything Conceivable: How Assisted Reproduction Is Changing Our World A revolution is taking place and it's being driven by the most fundamental of all human urges—the desire to reproduce. This revolution is the subject of Mundy's utterly fascinating book on assisted reproduction. The breadth and thoroughness of Mundy's investigation makes it nearly impossible to come away without having your opinions challenged if not changed altogether. Mundy, a feature writer for the Washington Post, combines a science reporter's objectivity with a mother's understanding, and she delivers her emotionally charged and often scientifically complex material in clear, b... [Read More]
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Sherry Sontag
One in a Million: The Real Story of Ivf And the Fight to Forge a Family The first investigative look into the medical miracle that has also become an unregulated, lucrative industry, by a journalist who has experienced first-hand both its wonders and its dangers Increasingly doctors are telling women and couples that in vitro fertilization is their best chance to have a baby. The procedure is advancing so quickly, it is replacing most other treatments for infertility. Since the first baby was born a generation ago, there are now more than one million IVF children in the world. Still, at least twice that many families have had their hearts and bank accounts broken ... [Read More]
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Lea L McCarthy, Sarah A Tursi MSW
IVF: The Wayward Stork-What to Expect, Who to Expect It From, and Surviving It All? We understand how difficult it is to see this book and need it. Every needle phobic, financially draining, hormone raged aspect of it. We get it and we?re here to help you though it. From two strong women who have endured numerous miscarriages, faced their fear of invasive tests and injections, and coped with the great possibility of cycle failure comes a must-have resource for anyone dealing with infertility. Authors Sarah Tursi, M.S.W. and Lea McCarthy will help you navigate this emotional journey with your sanity still intact. Discover how to alleviate the mystery and fear that is often as... [Read More]
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Tim Appleton
My Beginnings: A Very Special Story A Children's book with CD-ROM to help parents tell their children about their conception as a result of IVF. The package is designed so that 8 different treatment options can be covered by a simple change of one page. Full instructions are included to change the story from IVF to IVF with donor eggs sperm or embryos, DI, AIH, ICSI and Frozen Embeyos. The book is designed for parents to tell their child/children at a very early age (3-6). The author provides a servuce to customize the story to suit the parents - changes in text, addition of photographs - output as PDF file. The CD-Rom is mor... [Read More]
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Geoffrey Sher, Virginia Marriage Davis, Jean Stoess
In Vitro Fertilization: The A.r.t. Of Making Babies Assisted Reproductive Technology This clearly written technical handbook guides couples who are trying to conceive in determining whether they are eligible for in vitro fertilization (IVF) and in selecting the program that will help them achieve the best results. It describes in detail the anatomy and physiology of conception and the steps required for realizing it in the IVF procedure. In addition to providing accurate information, the practitioner authors address emotional, financial, physical, and moral-religious issues involved in the decision to conceive with medical assistance. Despite its experimental reputation and pe... [Read More]
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Diana M. Olick
When Nature's Not Enough : Personal Journeys through In Vitro Fertilization More than two million married couples in the United States are diagnosed with infertility. For many of them, in vitro fertilization is their only chance to have a biological child. In this ground-breaking book, men and women speak of the choice to use IVF to conceive. Journalist Diana Olick eloquently and honestly narrates her own experiences with IVF and conducts in-depth interviews with other couples to get the story from every angle, exploring such questions as: What are the emotional and social effects of the science?Can I find a doctor that I like? Does it matter?What does a "success rate... [Read More]
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