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1. Double Pronucleate Oocyte

  • Double Pronucleate Oocyte Details:
    Double-pronucleate oocyte. The aggregation of cytoplasmic organelles causes a deepening of color on the area adjacent to the ronuclei.

    Submitted by:
    Tatyana Kodyleva


2. Thick zona pellucida

  • Thick zona pellucida Details:
    a fertilized oocyte with very thick zona pellucida

    Submitted by:
    Navid Esfandiari, DVM, PhD, HCLD


3. Abnormal fertilization

  • Abnormal fertilization Details:
    Multiple pronuclei in an inseminated zona-free human oocyte

    Submitted by:
    Navid Esfandiari, DVM, PhD, HCLD


4. 'Smiling' 2PN

  • 'Smiling' 2PN Details:
    I knew it was going to be a good day during the early morning fertilization check! 2PN with cytoplasmic granulation.

    Submitted by:
    Thomas Elliott


5. Zona free 2PN

  • Zona free 2PN Details:
    According to Gianoroli et al (2003) A3 beta grading NOT:19 Mayıs Bayramınmız kutlu olsun.

    Submitted by:
    Koray YILDIZ


6. Zona-free fertilized oocyte

  • Zona-free fertilized oocyte Details:
    Second polar body extrusion and pronuclear formation following ICSI in a zona-free human oocyte.

    Submitted by:
    Navid Esfandiari, D.V.M., Ph.D.


7. Oocyte with 2 pronuclei

  • Oocyte with 2 pronuclei Details:
    A normally fertilised oocyte with two clear pronuclei.

    Submitted by:
    Martine Nijs


8. 2 PN

  • 2 PN Details:
    A normally fertilised oocyte, clearly showing 2 pronuclei.

    Submitted by:
    Loredana Papale


9. Fertilized oocyte

  • Fertilized oocyte Details:
    Conventionally inseminated oocyte showing 2 pronuclei and 2 polar bodies

    Submitted by:
    Liz Sanders


10. cigoto 2pn/2cp

  • cigoto 2pn/2cp Details:
    Embri?n en estadio de pron?cleos ( Cigoto )

    Submitted by:
    Ximo MORENO


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