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RI Viewer Imaging Software

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RI Viewer Imaging Software

Imaging software for ART

RI Viewer is a PC application which accompanies Saturn laser systems and IMSI. It is used to show images from the microscope and to carry out laser procedures. RI Viewer replaced Cronus software that was
previously sold with RI laser systems.


Full screen imaging from microscope

Digital magnification

Analogue and Digital camera options

Full Saturn operation with target, exclusion zone, simple hole size setting

Foot Pedal control of software and laser (programmable)

One click image capture and video recording

Line Measurements – on-screen and printable

Built in simulator for training and demonstration

The user interface of RI Viewer is based around providing an uncluttered full screen view of the image from the microscope. Overlays and buttons are only displayed when they are needed. Zooming and panning of the image is quick and simple. The user interface is 'task-focused'. An example is when the user wants to make a hole with the laser, he/she clicks the laser button - this prepares the hardware and the user
interface completely to achieving that task - enabling overlays, putting the laser into an operating mode, and displaying all the relevant information and controls.

Recording videos of procedures is becoming an increasingly important feature in laboratory work. With 'newer' procedures such as trophectoderm biopsy and IMSI selection as well as well established procedures it is an essential part of learning for the operators to review procedures that they have carried out and compare those procedures with those of their colleagues. Making these videos easy to record and easy to  access and ensuring that all the relevant information is recorded onto the video (overlays) was therefore a key requirement in RI Viewer.

RI Viewer differs from Cronus in having a modern clean user interface, and designed with safety and efficiency as the primary consideration.

Available from: Research Instruments

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