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Sperm Slow- Origio

By: p-ivf, 05 October 2012

Hie Everybody,

Does anybody use a Sperm Slow during ICSI ?

I have just bought but after reading a brochure I hace few questions. In the brochure is written that after ICSI-dish preparation I should place it in a 5-6% CO2 incubator. I also use Lifeglobal media and for ICSI I use GTH medium (global total w/HEPES ). And I am concerned if I should place this ICSI-dish in CO2 incubator or in IVF-chamber?

Bezt regards,


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Response from talha paracha 05 October 2012
You need to check the preparation material of the sperm slowing media that you are using ,if it is bi carbonate supplemented then you have to keep it in CO2 incubator over night after preoaring icsi dish other wise if it is hepes based then you can prepare the icsi dish the same day of icsi and keep at 37 c only hope your question is answered .
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