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18 September 2010
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In setting up a new IVF LAB , will a tiri-gas incubator be recommended or a co2 one. Plz any experience or observation will be appreciated thanks in advance

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Arjan Lulla

Arjan Lulla said on 23 September 2010

"Trigas is defintely better. Is this available conveniently in your country. If not, you will need CO2 incubator for CO2 and O2 control and you will need hi purity CO2 and high purity N2. You will need inline filters to remove VOC in the incoming gas. You wil need a CO2 meter to verify CO2 levels in the incubator. You will need a pH meter with microelectrode to monitor pH in the culture medium to maintain osmomality. You can also consider IVf chambers for controlled enviroment culture and the new box type chambers like MINC, BT37 or G185."


Syed Muhammad Yahya Sherazi

Dr Yahya Sherazi
Syed Muhammad Yahya Sherazi said on 20 September 2010

"I think I have already responded to your previous question on the same issue. Tri-gas mix can be achieved by using either a pre-mixed gas supplied by the distributor or by using CO2 and N2 gases. The relative concentration of N2 will determine the concentration of O2 available inside the incubator.

Therefore, you can either opt to buy a small benchtop incubator (MINC, Cook) or a Trigas incubator fitted with dual (CO2 & N2) gas nozzels.
The advantage of embryo culture in a Trigas incubator is to achieve a relative hypoxic environment (5% O2)for embryo and cell culture.
I hope this explaination answers your question. If you require further explaination on the matter, feel free to ask another question."


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