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Vibration Isolation Platform

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Date Added: 18 September 2004
Vibration Isolation Platform

Plutonic Platform™ Vibration Isolation Platform

Simple and low cost vibration isolation.

No air supply required as with an air isolation table.

Uses High Grade Silicone Gel for the vibration isolators. Placed at the four corners of the igneous rock, the silicone gel supports are highly compliant and have a high level of internal damping.

Used for over 10 years on high performance microscopes.

The platform makes an attractive base for the microscope or other precision instruments.

Igneous Rock platforms with unique silicone gel isolators offer new vibration damping solutions for noise sensitive industrial, laboratory, cleanroom, and inspection areas. Typical examples include:

  • Microscopes
  • Precision weighing scales
  • Lasers
  • Electro-optic systems
  • Micropositioners
  • Precision measuring instruments such as microhardness and laser dimensional measurement instruments.
  • Silicon wafer inspection stations



The Plutonic Platform™ consists of only three different parts. The igneous rock top is designed to be about the size of the microscope or other precision instrument. Special, high grade silicone gel isolators are underneath the four corners of the igneous rock, and an ABS plastic baseplate is attached under the silicone gel isolators so that the platform can be easily slipped under the microscope, precision weighing scale, or other precision instrument.

standard, catalog product that will solve your vibration problem or we will work with you to custom design and manufacture a system tailored to your unique requirements.

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