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1 Teknologi Reproduksi Berbantu 5441 0.00
Anatomy & physiology of reproduction, natural conception, assisted reproductive technology (IUI, cIVF, ICSI)
2 Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about IVF... And Answers to Questions You Wouldn't Think to Ask! 5185 4.00
This fantastic DVD is an up to date resource that covers virtually everything you ever wanted to know about IVF.  The birth of Louise Brown on July 25th 1978 was the first successful result of IVF.  SInce this time over 300,000 babies have been born in the US through IVF.  Experts estimate that about 70% of IVF patients will become paretns within 3 IVF cycles.  Research shows that the levels of depression faced by infertile individuals are as high as those dealing with life threateneing diseases.  Clinicians may treat patients undergoing fertility treatmet for mental support and physical relief of pain due to injections.
3 Technostorks: A Documentary on Infertility and In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) - DVD 6144 4.75
Technostorks documents the true life stories of three couples - Joann and Sean, Nora and Eric, and Wendy and Rodney  as they go through infertility and in-vitro fertilization. It is the first IVF cycle for Sean and Joann, the second for Wendy and Rodney, and the fourth, and most likely the last, cycle for Nora and Eric. Technostorks documents the couples' most private moments, showing images never before seen on the screen. We follow couples into the operating room to witness egg retrievals and embryo transfers, hear their views on living with infertility, spirituality, and parenthood, and learn with them the outcomes of their IVF cycles. Throughout the film, top experts explain the technological, psychological, and spiritual aspects of assisted reproduction. In the end, not all of our couples will achieve pregnancy, but they will all undergo a personal transformation.
4 The Incredible Human Machine (1975) - VHS 4262 4.80
National Geographic takes you and your family on a truly fascinating journey through the wondrous inner world of THE INCREDIBLE HUMAN MACHINE. Explore the fascinating, microscopic universe that exists within us all. How does the eye adjust to changes in light? How do our muscles enable us to move? How does the eardrum process sound? With the help of sophisticated photographic techniques you are now able to discover the wonders of this internal world and the marvel of THE INCREDIBLE HUMAN MACHINE.
5 The Odyssey of Life - The Ultimate Journey (1996) VHS 4478 4.75
The miracles of the human body are revealed through award-winning microphotography by Lennart Nilsson. The Ultimate Journey shows how the developing human embryo reveals links to other species.

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