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News: Shift work and manual labour lower women's fertility

19 February 2017 by Helen Robertson

Women who have physically demanding jobs or non-daytime working hours may experience decreased fertility, according to a study.

Previous studies had suggested a possible link between non-standard working hours or physically taxing jobs and reduced fertility, but this is the first to try and link such work factors to biological markers. The results appear to be strongest in older, overweight or obese women.

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News: Daylight savings time may increase risk of miscarriage after IVF

19 February 2017 by Ayala Ochert

Miscarriage rates following IVF appear to increase when the clocks go forward in the spring, according to a study.

The results were particularly marked among patients who had suffered a previous pregnancy loss, but no change was noted when the clocks were turned back in the autumn.

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Conference: ACE Symposium on "Selecting the viable embryo by Morphology & its clinical Impact " by Dr Inge Errebo Agerholm at Pune, Chennai, Kolkata and Delhi

13 February 2017 by Dr Parag Nandi, PhD
ACE Symposium on "Selecting the viable embryo by Morphology & its clinical Impact " by Dr Inge Errebo Agerholm at Pune, Chennai, Kolkata and Delhi

ThemeSelecting the viable embryo by Morphology & its clinical Impact

Aim: The candidates will be able to select the appropriate embryo for transfer & cryopreservation. They will also gain insights into which embryo to discard when and why.




  • Understanding the grading criteria’s from zygote to blastocyst  stage
  • Practicality in using these grading systems
  • Limitations of selecting an embryo by morphology alone.
  • Clinical impact of the selection criteria by morphology
  •  Panel discussion will target   practical dilemmas in selecting/deselecting the embryos in our day to day routine.
  • Encourage audience interaction with the experts.


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News: Reproductive BioMedicine Online. February 2017 Volume 34, Issue 2, p115-220

04 February 2017 by Reproductive BioMedicine Online
Reproductive BioMedicine Online. February 2017 Volume 34, Issue 2, p115-220

Articles include:

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IVF Journal Updates: Human Reproduction. Vol. 32, No. 2 February 2017

29 January 2017 by Human Reproduction
Human Reproduction. Vol. 32, No. 2 February 2017

Articles include:

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News: Infertile couple have baby using mitochondrial donation

28 January 2017 by Antony Blackburn-Starza

A baby has been born in the Ukraine following the use of an experimental IVF procedure known as mitochondrial donation.

Dr Valery Zukin, director of the Nadiya Clinic for Reproductive Medicine in Kiev, announced two pregnancies in October last year following use of a mitochondrial technique called pronuclear transfer that had been performed at the clinic, and which led to the birth of a baby girl on 5 January.

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News: Stem cells reprogrammed to resemble fertilised eggs

28 January 2017 by Dr Loredana Guglielmi

Researchers have successfully turned stem cells into 'totipotent' cells, with characteristics resembling those of fertilised eggs.

This is the first time that stem cells with the capacity to generate all cell types have been created. The researchers say it could broaden the range of tissues that can be generated from stem cells, paving the way for new applications in regenerative medicine.

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News: 'Education genes' linked to lower fertility are declining

28 January 2017 by Rachel Reeves

Genes linked to attaining higher levels of education are declining.

Researchers have found that people with these genes tend to have fewer children and so contribute less to the gene pool. If this decline continues, they predict it could reduce the IQ of future generations.

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News: Almost half of UK public support extending 14 day rule

28 January 2017 by Anna Leida

A recent YouGov poll has shown that almost half of the general public is in favour of legalising research on embryos up to 28 days old.

Human embryo research is currently regulated in the UK by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology (HFE) Act 1990, which states that no research can be carried out on embryos beyond 14 days after fertilisation.

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News: MSc in clinical embryology & pre-implantation genetics

24 January 2017 by Dr Yogita

MSc in Clinical Embryology & Pre-implantation Genetics from The University of Mysore, India, offered by ASPIER (Asia Pacific Institute of Embryology)

On the occasion of centenary celebrations of the University of Mysore, ASPIER (Asia Pacific Institute of Embryology) offers the above course starting from July 2016




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