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Announcement: Hands on ivf training for Gynaecologist &Embryologist at chennai fertility center and Research Institute

23 July 2016 by Dr.VM.Thomas
Hands on ivf training for Gynaecologist &Embryologist at chennai fertility center and Research Institute Chennai fertility center and Research Institute cordillay invites to participate 22nd batch of IVF intensive hands on training for clinician as well as Embryologist starting from 1st Aug 2016 to 14th Aug 2016.The Hands on course will run by World renowned Embryologist Dr.VM.Thomas-team. [Read more]

News: Eggs successfully grown from two-year-old cancer patient

17 July 2016 by Dr Rosie Gilchrist
A two-year-old girl has become the youngest person to undergo a new technique that could preserve her fertility after chemotherapy. [Read more]
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News: Sperm donor children with single parents 'well adjusted'

17 July 2016 by Rachel Siden
Donor-conceived children born to single women are equally well adjusted as those from two-parent donor-conceived families, according to a recent UK study examining the views of single mothers and children aged between four and nine years old. 'At an age at which children begin to understand their family circumstances, they continue to function well,' said researcher Dr Sophie Zadeh of the Centre for Family Research at the University of Cambridge. [Read more]
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News: Virus linked to unexplained infertility in women

17 July 2016 by Dr Lanay Tierney
A little-known virus has been found in the uteruses of around half of women with unexplained infertility, a study has found. The findings, if confirmed, could potentially lead to antiviral treatments for the approximately 25 percent of women whose infertility has no medical explanation. [Read more]
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News: UK NEQAS Reproductive Science Scheme 2016 - 2017

15 July 2016 by Hans Stöhr
UK NEQAS Reproductive Science Scheme 2016 - 2017 On August 8 United Kingdom National External Quality Assessment Service (UK NEQAS) will start next three distributions for inter-laboratory quality control in reproductive science of periode 2016 - 2017. [Read more]
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Announcement: IVF Training Dates for Embryologist and Gynaecologist

14 July 2016 by Ms.Bindu Shah
IVF Training Dates for Embryologist and Gynaecologist Learn all about Assisted Reproductive Technology - IVF Lab basics, sterile techniques, culture media, preparation of culture dishes for IVF and ICSI, handling of oocyte under microscope and insemination with sperms, sperm preparation for IVF & ICSI, sigle culture and group culture,day 3 embryo transfers, embryo transfer techniques, setting up of inverted microscope and micro manipulator system for performing ICSI, ICSI dish preparation, doing microinjection (IVF and ICSI hands-on) , advise regarding settings up of IUI and IVFlab,Laser Assisted Hatching, Sperm Freezing,Embryo freezing,PESA, MESA and much more. [Read more]
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Webinar: Webinar: Real World Best Practices in IVF Cell Culturing- Continuous pH Monitoring

13 July 2016 by Matt Holmes
Register today to join Klaus Weimer PhD, Lab Director of the POMA Fertility Clinic in Kirkland, Washington and Mr. Steven Geelhood, SAFE Sens Project Manager on Tuesday August 9th at 11:30 AM PDT / 12:30 PM EDT for a complimentary webinar entitled, "Real World Best Practices in IVF Cell Culturing- Continuous pH Monitoring." Visit the link below to register. https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/6349075294819518211 [Read more]
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News: Smoking damages sperm through inflammation

10 July 2016 by Lone Hørlyck
A study of smokers has found smoking damages their sperm, including their DNA and mitochondria, by triggering inflammatory processes in their semen. Previous studies had shown that smoking causes DNA damage to sperm and mitochondria – the energy-producing centres in cells – but this detailed analysis shows how that may occur. [Read more]
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News: One-fifth of UK women over 35 struggling to conceive

10 July 2016 by Rachel Brown
Nearly one-fifth of women aged 35 to 44 years have had problems conceiving, according to a survey of over 15,000 British people. The results of the survey, which were published in Human Reproduction, also revealed that, of those who reported experiencing infertility, 42.7 percent of women and 46.8 percent of men did not seek medical help for the problem. [Read more]
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News: Sperm self-destruction may lie behind maternal mitochondrial inheritance

10 July 2016 by Dr Katie Howe
Researchers have identified a gene that, when activated, causes mitochondria inherited from sperm to be destroyed shortly after fertilisation. [Read more]
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