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Announcement: Visti SAFE Sens during ESHRE 2016

27 June 2016 by Matt Holmes
Visti SAFE Sens during ESHRE 2016 Visit stand (A32) during ESHRE 2016 for a live demonstration of the SAFE Sens Non-Invasive, Continuous pH Monitoring system for large format and benchtop IVF incubators. pH will continue to be a quality control gold standard in the world of IVF cell culturing. SAFE Sens provides the future with a calibration free, user-friendly, automated, continual, non-invasive pH monitoring system versus invasive, labor intensive point-in-time measurements. Visit www.safesens.com to learn more. [Read more]
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News: Study finds most fertility tracker apps are inaccurate

26 June 2016 by Amina Yonis
Most fertility-tracking websites and phone apps provide women with inaccurate information on the best time to conceive, a study has found. Out of 53 websites and apps, only one websites and three apps predicted the same fertile window as researchers using the 'gold standard' recognised by fertility experts. [Read more]
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News: France allows export of dead man's sperm

26 June 2016 by James Brooks
A Spanish woman has been allowed to have her dead husband's cryopreserved sperm transported from France to Spain despite a French ban on the exportation of gametes for posthumous insemination. [Read more]
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News: Mitochondrial donation is safe, study suggests

26 June 2016 by Dr Özge Özkaya
An extensive study examining human embryos created using mitochondrial donation has demonstrated that the technique does not adversely affect embryo development and could effectively reduce the risk of passing on mitochondrial disease. Researchers examined genes in embryos that had undergone a mitochondrial donation technique called pro-nuclear transfer (PNT). Their findings, published in Nature, showed that the embryos obtained by mitochondrial donation were indistinguishable from those obtained by conventional IVF, and there was no observed increase in chromosomal abnormalities that could lead to health conditions. [Read more]
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Announcement: Join us for an exciting line-up of demonstrations and speakers at ESHRE 2016 in Helsinki, Finland on 3-6th July

13 June 2016 by Research Instruments Ltd
IVF market leaders Research Instruments, ORIGIO, The Pipette Company, Reprogenetics, Recombine, Genesis Genetics and K-Systems have joined forces, as CooperSurgical companies, to provide a world class service for ART professionals. Visit our joint stand for a packed line up of speakers and schedule of demonstrations. Over the lunch period we have scheduled live talks from key opinion leaders, who are experts within their respective fields of IVF. You will have the opportunity to discover new insights, ask the speakers questions and involve yourself in current discussions. [Read more]
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News: Dutch government seeks to allow creation of human embryos for research

06 June 2016 by Anneesa Amjad
The Dutch government is planning to change the law to allow for the creation of human embryos for research. Currently, research is limited to using embryos leftover from IVF. However, Edith Schippers, the Dutch health minister, believes that the ban is restricting research into reproductive technologies and the prevention of some serious diseases. [Read more]
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News: Expensive form of IVF is overused, says fertility journal editor

31 May 2016 by Sarah Gregory
The editor-in-chief of Human Reproduction has criticised the overuse of ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection), following a world report into the use of assisted reproductive technologies (ART). The report, published in the same journal, finds that ICSI – a technique used during IVF for men with very low sperm counts – is used in almost 100 percent of IVF cycles in the Middle East and some parts of Latin America. [Read more]
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News: Young female cancer patients not informed of fertility options

31 May 2016 by Dr Özge Özkaya
A majority of female cancer patients with 'uncertain' fertility status have said they were not given enough information about the risks of infertility resulting from their treatment, a survey has found. Researchers in the USA surveyed 346 women aged between 25 and 34 years old who had completed cancer treatment on average five years previously. Of this group, 179 said they definitely wanted to have children in the future, or were unsure but would consider it, but had not attempted to preserve their fertility before or after cancer treatment. [Read more]
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Announcement: Hands on ivf training for Gynaecologist &Embryologist at chennai fertility center and Research Institute

26 May 2016 by Dr.VM.Thomas
Hands on ivf training for Gynaecologist &Embryologist at chennai fertility center and Research Institute Chennai fertility center and Research Institute cordillay invites to participate 21st batch of IVF intensive hands on training for clinician as well as Embryologist starting from 6th June 2016 to 19th June 2016.The Hands on course will run by World renowned Embryologist Dr.VM.Thomas-team. [Read more]

Conference: The 5th International Congress of Academy of Clinical Embryologists

26 May 2016 by Dr Sanjay Shukla
The 5th International Congress of Academy of Clinical Embryologists The 5th International Congress of Academy of Clinical Embryologists will be held at Jaipur, India from 26th to 28th August 2016 and the Pre-congress workshops are scheduled to be on 25th August, 2016. For detailed Scientific program visit: http://acejaipur.com/Detailed_Scientific_Programme.php List of Guest speakers is available at : http://acejaipur.com/International_Guest_Speakers.php [Read more]
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