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Article: How massive parallel sequencing will help You to increase Your success rate?

24 April 2015 by Celina Cybulska, Ph.D.
Development of high-throughput DNA sequencing technologies that omit time consuming and labour intensive steps have opened new possibilities in life sciences. The beginning of the 21st century brought forth a closure of the thirty-year domination of sequencing by the Sanger’s method. Next-generation sequencing technologies enable rapid generation of data by sequencing massive amounts of DNA in parallel using methodologies that overcome the limitations of Sanger sequencing. Using the “depth of sequencing” tool, experts from INVICTA Genetic Laboratory, performe their PGD procedures with high accuracy and reliability. [Read more]
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News: Chinese scientists genetically modify human embryos

22 April 2015 by NATURE
In a world first, Chinese scientists have reported editing the genomes of human embryos. The results are published in the online journal Protein & Cell and confirm widespread rumours that such experiments had been conducted. The team attempted to modify the gene responsible for β-thalassaemia, a potentially fatal blood disorder, using a gene-editing technique known as CRISPR/Cas9. The researchers say that their results reveal serious obstacles to using the method in medical applications. [Visit Site]
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Announcement: UK NEQAS Reproductive Science Scheme Online assessment for inter-laboratory quality control in reproductive science.

21 April 2015 by Hans Stöhr
UK NEQAS Reproductive Science Scheme Online assessment for inter-laboratory quality control in reproductive science. Online assessment for inter-laboratory quality control in reproductive science (Embryology and Andrology), which consists of 4 distributions (11 May 2015, 10 Aug 2015, 9 Nov 2015, 8 Feb 2016). Next distribution will start on May 11. [Read more]
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Announcement: Stemcell Workshop

20 April 2015 by Dr Behrouz Aflatoonian
Stemcell Workshop Center of stem cell biology of Yazd RSI holds a three-days practical work shop : Hands on Human Embryonic Stem Cells (hESCs) 19-21 September 2015 [Read more]
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Announcement: Practical Workshop on ART, Doha, Qatar

20 April 2015 by Hasan Burjaq
The HMC would like to invite you to participate in the “Practical Workshop on Male Fertility Laboratory and IVF". This meeting is scheduled from November 13 -15 2015, Doha, Qatar. [Read more]
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News: India’s World Class IVF Training Centre

16 April 2015 by Ms.Bindu Shah
India’s World Class IVF Training Centre Embryology Academy for Research & Training with immense pride and extreme pleasure announces accreditation of its IVF Training courses by Embryology and PGD Academy UK. [Read more]
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Announcement: One day hands on Vitrification workshop

15 April 2015 by Dr Joyce Harper
A one day hands on vitrification workshop supported by Parallabs UK in partnership with Cryotec Japan aimed at embryologists who wish to optimise or learn the Vitrification techniques established by Professor Masashige Kuwayama. [Read more]
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Announcement: Canadian National Advanced / Specialist Embryologist Training Program Saskatoon, Canada

13 April 2015 by National Clinical Embryologist and Andrologist Training Institute
The Canadian National advanced/ Specialist Embryologist Training Program provides hand- on training for Embryologists and Andrologist, including Biologist, and those new to the field can acquire improved skills and understanding of theoretical and practical aspect of Clinical Embryology practice. [Read more]
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News: Do pesticides reduce sperm quality?

13 April 2015 by Dr Rachael Panizzo
A recent study suggests that exposure to pesticide residue through diet may affect sperm quality. [Read more]
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News: First IVF baby born after new technique to eliminate genetic disease

13 April 2015 by Rachel Brown
The first baby in Europe has been born following a new IVF-based technique developed to prevent the inheritance of genetic disease. [Read more]
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