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Case report-Poor Oocyte Quality

By: Koray YILDIZ, DOgufertil IVF Center 20 November 2015

Dear Colleagues,

      I have seen rarely poor oocyte which has a spesific anomally that has large halo at the periphery. As an embryologist, I made 5 day culture and there is no blastocyst occurence and resulted canceling the ICSI cycle. I am wondering the prognose of this kind of oocytes.

Here is some details;

29 years of woman,third ICSI trial, first two trial were at  different good quality laboratories.

Woman Day 3 FSH: 9

         LH: 4,5

         E2 : 55

         Prolactine: 10,2

         TSH: 2,8

         HSG: Normal

       Man: Normal Sperm parameters

Antagonist protocol starting 150 IU rFSH up to day8. At day 4 gnrh antagonist started for 6 days up to day 9.At day 9, 75 IU rFSH and Decapeptyle injected. 35 hours later we collected 8 oocytes( 7 MII, 1 GV). 3 hours after oocyte pickup ICSI made and 5 of them fertilised and cultered 5 days but no blastocyst occured and cycle canceled.

Here is the oocyte and day 5 pictures.

I 'll be very appreciated for your helps,

Thank you.


Dogufertil IVF Center

Malatya / Turkiye 


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