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1. sperm nucleus staining

sperm nucleus staining Details:
aniline blue staining is a method for differentiationof mature spermatozoa from immature. mature spermatozoa has protamine in its nucleus that dose not stain with aniline blue while immature spermatoz

Submitted by:
sanaz alaee
Views: 3578

2. Dual Stain Analysis of Sperm Apoptosis and Necrosis

Dual Stain Analysis of Sperm Apoptosis and Necrosis Details:
Sperm stained with both bisbenzimide (Hoechst 33342)and propidium iodide fluoresced red when they are necrotic (N; dead), all blue when apoptotic (A; dying) or partial blue when alive. Am J Obstet Gyn

Submitted by:
Professor Philip J. Chan
Views: 5449

3. Sperm Vitality Staining

Sperm Vitality Staining Details:
Eosine staining for vitality test Red: Dead spermatozoa Unstained: Living spermatozoa

Submitted by:
Martine Nijs
Views: 5548

4. CGH Comparative Genomic Hybrid

CGH Comparative Genomic Hybrid Details:
Normal sperm ssDNA bisbenzamide-stained blue is attached to a positively-charged disc and exposed to Sybr Green-stained sperm ssDNA after H2O2-damaging treatment. An increase in DNA nonpairing (damage

Submitted by:
Dr. Philip J. Chan
Views: 5166

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