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1. Egg Donation Process India

Egg Donation Process India Egg donation is the process by which a woman donates eggs for the purpose of assisted reproduction. In other words, a woman provides her eggs to another couple to help them in conception through in vitro fertilization or third party reproduction. The egg collected from the recipient need to be fertilized in a laboratory dish and the fertilized egg or embryo is transferred back into the uterus. Egg donors are under the age of 32 years and preferably have children of their own, but this is not an ultimate requirement. In addition to it, egg donors have to undergo a process of medical and psycho [Read more.]
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2. Universal IVF Medium

Available from ORIGIO
Universal IVF Medium Intended use Universal IVF Medium is for fertilisation of human oocytes and culture of embryos up to the 4-8 cell stage (Day 2 or 3 after insemination). Universal IVF Medium can also be used for embryo transfer. Background Universal IVF Medium is ready-to-use and especially designed to meet specific requirements during fertilisation and culturing of early embryos. Its superior performance and consistency have been independently documented in several comparative studies. Major IVF clinics throughout the world have used Universal IVF Medium for many years and consider the system to be uniquel [Read more.]
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3. ISM1, ISM2 and UTM

Available from ORIGIO
ISM1, ISM2 and UTM Intended use ISM1TM can be used both for the IVF insemination procedure and for culture of embryos until Day 3. ISM2TM is for culture of embryos from Day 3 and through to the blastocyst stage. UTMTM is especially designed for transfer of embryos cultured in ISM1TM or ISM2TM. Background Sequential culturing of human embryos from fertilisation to the blastocyst stage has been demonstrated to improve selection of embryos with higher implantation rates. The Innovative Sequential Media ISM series is supplied as ready-to-use solutions offering the flexibility of Day 2/3 or blastocyst transfer. It [Read more.]
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4. BlastAssist®

Available from ORIGIO
BlastAssist® For culture from the 4-8 cell stage through to the blastocyst stage. Can also be used for embryo transfer. Full, rich stage 2 medium for extended culture Documented low ammonium and high blastocyst development New formulation in 2010 [Read more.]
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