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By: Saiprasad, Malpani Infertility Clinic Pvt. Ltd. 02 December 2016


We recently treated a patient who had a history of Fragile Eggs. In all her cycles most of the Eggs Degenerate after ICSI and has a very low fertilisation rate.

So her Cycle in our Clinic wasn't different. we got 10 Eggs for her.

We incubated the Eggs post ovum pick up for 4 hours, as sometimes the fragility of the eggs is due to cytoplasmic immaturity and long Incubation of OCCs helps in most of such cases.

While performing ICSI, these are the things that i observed.

1) 8 of the eggs were Mii and 2 eggs were mi

2) Almost all eggs had soft membrane and the Injection Needle was going in very   easily. Hence i was very careful while aspirating the cytoplasm. Made sure that i aspirated very little cytoplasm, as aspirating the cytoplasm aggressively leads to killing the egg.

3) There was no immediate degeneration. But when i checked the Eggs after ICSI, 6 of them had degenerated.

4) Only 3 Eggs fertilised, when i checked the Next day.

5) Day 2 Gradings were  2x 3-cell grade B, 1x 3-Cell grade C

What is the Right approach, while handling such Eggs

Since the memrane was Soft, Should we not aspirate the cytoplasm at all ?

But by doing that we may end up with lot of failed fertilisation

Please share your Experience.

Thank you,





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Responses (3)
Response from Nehal Dipen Naik 06 April 2017
Best option is if sperm count is good go for ivf or if count is bad let the oocytes mature in ivm media atleast for three hours and then perform icsi.
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Response from Karim fakhry 16 December 2016
Thining of zonal pellucida using low intensity laser beam before injection may decrease the pressure that needle do on oolema or if there is wide space oocyte you can make complete hole then inject
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Response from Graziella 12 December 2016
Next time use an injection with smaller diameter than yours and maybe make pick up one day early. How is the quality of sperm ? I ask just while many center make icsi also in ivf patient.
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