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1 MedITEX IVF Software, Fertility Database System, EMR 1658 0 4.87
MedITEX IVF is the number one worldwide fertility database management system.  Designed by experts for experts it provides an easy to use central information facility allowing clinic-specific customisation. It manages, documents, and helps coordinate all procedures and workflows of any Assisted Reproduction business from small private units to academic and group clinics. Our growing network of local professional partners ensure the highest quality of support is available to you speaking your language in every sense. More information and demo download package can be found here: MedITEX IVF Website www.meditex-software.com
2 FertiSmart® v2.8 - IVF Clinical Software 1618 0 4.50
FertiSmart® Web Based IVF Software v2.8 – the simplest IVF Software on the market! What would you do with more time? Improve your patient care? Grow your practice and make it much more efficient? Take time for professional development? FertiSmart® simplifies your clinic’s operations so you have more time to spend on important things that move your clinic to more growth. FertiSmart® is a web based IVF Software which has been designed by a group of Senior Software Engineers and IVF Embryologists with more than 20 years of experience. It has been designed from scratch to add a greater value to your IVF Clinic. The core of FertiSmart® for effective care is a complete patient record that is both simple to use but detailed enough to provide intelligent tracking to truly measure outcomes. When you need to find information fast, a quick look in the patient record provides the complete treatment history, broken down by treatment plan. FertiSmart® also allows you to scan important documents (PDF’s, image files and more) directly into the patient file. No more digging through the folders to find clinical information. All this information is now available from anywhere, anytime electronically through your web browser!   FertiSmart® will help you improve almost every aspect of your IVF business; giving you the data to analyze your KPI’s; take measures to reduce costs; improve performance and save both money and time. The software pays for itself.   FertiSmart® functionality follows intuitive steps, so that complex IVF processes can be handled succinctly and accurately. Screens have a consistent layout, so users quickly learn and adapt. Each screen mirrors the processes within the business, ensuring discipline, clarity and control.   Below modules are ready for you in FertiSmart®:   1. Patient Management ModuleEasily manage your patients’ data and make it available as an electronic record in your clinic anytime from anywhere. Patient detailed demographics, US, HSG, Hysteroscopy, MRI, Laparoscopy, Male-Female Disease Screening, Medical Warnings and much more is available in the patient profile. 2. Cycle Management ModuleFertiSmart® supports all types of treatments including PGD. 3. Daily Work Lists Generation Module for Cycles  Patient treatments will be listed under different cycle lists according to the progress of the treatment. FertiSmart®’s innovative approach makes it extremely easy to manage the daily work list in your clinic.  4. ART Lab Module Equipment monitoring in ART Lab is very important. This module allows the recording of daily measurements of the incubators, warm surfaces, freezers, refrigerators, etc. Consumables used in ART Lab could have impact on embryo quality and pregnancy rates. This module lets you manage the consumables and their stock! Cryopreservation Inventory allows users to determine all the cryopreserved materials in the storage tanks to be inventoried. 5. Appointments Scheduler Module  FertiSmart® Scheduler Module is a complete solution to let you manage all your resources and their calendars easily and efficiently! Planning the appointments for your patients has never been so easy! FertiSmart® Scheduler Module also allows you to have different views for your appointments such as daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. 6. Patient Billing Module Easily manage all your services and generate your invoices with one click for your patients. Analyze your invoices with powerful financial reports! Recurring invoices is also supported to generate invoices automatically! 7. Audit/Trail Module for System Operations Monitoring This module lets you to keep track of what has been accomplished in your clinic during the day. You can see all details of all actions! 8. Powerful Analytics / Reporting ModuleCollecting information is only as valuable as your ability to go back and analyze that information. FertiSmart® powerful reporting & analytics module takes the measures of your clinic over defined periods of time and turns it into a vital intelligence out of the information you have in your system using the below KPIs. KPIs Include: Pregnancy Rate, Fertilization ICSI/IVF, Immature Oocytes, ICSI Degeneration Rate, and Oocyte Recovery Rate. FertiSmart® makes it possible to run these KPIs for OPU Technologist/Physician, ICSI Technologist, ET Technologist/Physician, Patient Age Ranges, Contact Materials, Incubators, Injectors, Oocyte Numbers, Specimen, ART Type, etc. 9. System Administration & Security Module Manage system users and define “who can do what” on the system easily. You can also introduce new elements in the look up definitions in the system.  Fully Compatible With iPad Due to FertiSmart®’s Web Based Architecture, it runs on any platform easily and seamlessly. iPad is fully supported and you can use FertiSmart® with an iPad which is connected to your local area network (LAN). You can now more fully realize the iPad's opportunity to transform your healthcare business to bring a new level of service and convenience to physicians and their patients. So, go ahead, run FertiSmart® with your iPad! You will love it! You can achieve high levels of operational efficiency! For a detailed look to the product features and to make a demo request , please go to product web site : http://www.ferti-smart.com/
3 Fertility Journey App 1595 0 5.00
Set off to succeed! Fertility Journey is genuinely created to facilitate finding your matching clinic, plan your preparation in each and every minor detail and make your fertility treatment a pleasant run. Developed enthusiastically by a committed team of professionals operating in sphere of fertility tourism for years, Fertility Journey became unique application to give you everything you need to successfully plan and track your treatment arrangements. With Fertility Journey patients easily can:- plan their treatment protocol: add medicines and appointments- link medicines to the monthly cycle of a female patient- view the protocol both in Calendar as a monthly plan or as a daily list- get notified when they need to take their medicines or when they are scheduled an appointment with you- BONUS: comprehensive Favorites and Notes sections!Fertility Journey also provides access to the biggest ever OFFLINE database of fertility clinics and institutions, description, contacts, treatments available, map and directions. Database is updated in the background mode and the information is always UP TO DATE! www.fertility-journey-app.com
4 An ivf software that guarantees to increase your ivf clinic's success rates 2386 2 5.00
We provide IVF specific Electronic Medical Record solutions with english and swedish language options.There are many studies that have revealed that IVF specific EMR has improved the rate of IVF success and only success matters in infertility treatment.Please go through our brochure that describes the features and benefits of our IVF specialty EMR. The product works in 18 languages and hence we can translate to your language version easilyWe provide Installation, Vanilla Implementation, 3 months post implementation support, training, user manuals,implementation manuals.Traditionally software vendors charge money for software cost and then the cost for installation, services, training and support. We do not charge for the product and there by reducing your total cost of investment and ownership. The total cost of ownership of our software solution is the cheapest and we can install, configure, support, maintain , train your staffs on our EMR solution.Please inform us when can we show you a free demo. Please reply us at arun@cloudenvision.com or arunsahayakumar@gmail.com or call us at +919789806090 to buy or demo the softwareFeatures:- Web based, mobile based solution, scalable and covers multiple clinics- Please visit https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B35H0wBU7vdEVlkyZ0E5LVZfQTA/edit?usp=sharing for more details
5 QAPonline fees now $250. 1914 0 0.00
QAPonline operates an online proficiency/EQA scheme at www.fertaid.com. Wishing to increase world-wide participation, the 2012 fee have been slashed to only $250.00 AUD. FertAid acknowledges that costs are important for many clinics and it is hoped this will encourage more embryologists and scientists to enrol through their clinics. This offer allow any clinic to subscribe to any schemes available and to enrol as may staff as  appropriate at either training, professional or peer skill level. Please post any queries to office@fertaid.com  If a supplier or manufacturer wished to sponsor the program for 2012, this is also possible.  Dr James Stanger.
6 Ivysite: IVF and Fertility Clinic EMR 2992 0 3.00
Ivysite allows any Artificial Reproduction setup to manage its patients, their entire cycle, and its cryostorage facility and consent information seamlessly. It also uses effective communication tools to provide timely support for its clients keeping them well informed. It can also be extended to provide research reports and MIS. The software is divided into modules to better define its functions, each built separately and then integrated to complete the package. Each module can be used standalone also hence giving the option to the user to add or minus a module depending on its use and budget. The modules are: 1. Schedule Manager2. IVF Calendar3. IVF Lab Management4. Template based Reports5. Cryo-Storage6. Donor and Surrogate Management7. Administration8. Inventory9. Accounts10. Prescriptions11. Referral Management12. Communications (SMS and Email)13. Alerts and Tasks Consent Forms: The following consent forms and government records are to be attached to each couple/single parent registered in the system as applicable: (as per ART bill). This Modal will come with options to view the forms and also to add new ones. These forms are easily available in the software under a common link provided here. Also some forms are strategically made available at select points where they are relevant with a reminder.  Contact: a.patkar@plus91.in to know more.
7 Embryo Ranking Proficiency Scheme 2096 0 0.00
FertAid has developed an Embryo ranking Proficiency Scheme to allow individuals embryologists to gauge their skills in grading and selecting embryos for transfer. A ranking index is calculated from the all the submissions from active embryologists and is recalculated regularly.  This is in addition to the current Proficiency schemes in Andrology, Embryology and Ultrasound. Located at Http://www.fertaid.com
8 RI Viewer Imaging Software 2510 0 5.00
Imaging software for ART RI Viewer is a PC application which accompanies Saturn laser systems and IMSI. It is used to show images from the microscope and to carry out laser procedures. RI Viewer replaced Cronus software that waspreviously sold with RI laser systems. Features: Full screen imaging from microscope Digital magnification Analogue and Digital camera options Full Saturn operation with target, exclusion zone, simple hole size setting Foot Pedal control of software and laser (programmable) One click image capture and video recording Line Measurements – on-screen and printable Built in simulator for training and demonstration The user interface of RI Viewer is based around providing an uncluttered full screen view of the image from the microscope. Overlays and buttons are only displayed when they are needed. Zooming and panning of the image is quick and simple. The user interface is 'task-focused'. An example is when the user wants to make a hole with the laser, he/she clicks the laser button - this prepares the hardware and the userinterface completely to achieving that task - enabling overlays, putting the laser into an operating mode, and displaying all the relevant information and controls. Recording videos of procedures is becoming an increasingly important feature in laboratory work. With 'newer' procedures such as trophectoderm biopsy and IMSI selection as well as well established procedures it is an essential part of learning for the operators to review procedures that they have carried out and compare those procedures with those of their colleagues. Making these videos easy to record and easy to  access and ensuring that all the relevant information is recorded onto the video (overlays) was therefore a key requirement in RI Viewer. RI Viewer differs from Cronus in having a modern clean user interface, and designed with safety and efficiency as the primary consideration.
9 IVF Clinics MIS 2671 0 4.70
CloudIVF from H3O is a  scalable ,web-based platform gives individual and large IVF Consulting and Clinic practice the ability to function seamlessly across a number of different locations with the same flexibility and interactivity as practices with only one point of consulting. CloudIVF can help IVF consultants & clinics boost productivity and increase positive patient experience by giving tools to communicate instantly, both within the organization and with patients. CloudIVF  makes it easy to manage complex configurations thanks to features like consolidated reporting and scheduling, which help unite multiple entities under a single organization. With our integrated web portal, IVF consultants can access the clinic network from any point and collaborate with colleagues across geographies, which helps to streamline the workflow and eliminate waste within the clinic management system. License Selling and Cloud Hosting options are available. Contact us at info@h3osystems.com
10 IDEAS - Fertility Clinic Software 8795 0 4.00
IDEAS V.5™ from Mellowood Medical is a new clinic management solution built on the experience of fertility centres worldwide (since 1996). Unique event-based treatment plans enable patients to be managed dynamically through the cycle. IDEAS V.5™ allows analysis of ART and cryo procedures and integrates billing with regulatory compliance.   IDEAS V.5™ is the superior practice management tool for academic and private fertility units. Our software utilizes dynamic treatment plans to allow 'real-time' functions: Integrates medical, investigation, treatment, and outcome details. Scheduling (appointments for patients; room allocation) Native billing and Invoicing module HL7 messaging Reports and statistics Egg/sperm donor/recipient matching Pharmacy management Contacts and task You will wonder how you ever managed without it!     • IDEAS V.5™ provides information on all patient demographics. Geographic and referral patterns can be analyzed with complete flexibility via the Query Designer. • Helps your management team carry out a strategic planning process. • Use selected indicators to monitor cycle progress by using the flexibility and power of the Query Designer. • Human, Financial and Physicial resources are appropriately allocated throughout the organization. • Workload analyses can be performed using the Query Designer to access stored information. • IDEAS V.5™ can help determine the actual workload of individual operators performing laboratory procedures, patient orientations, or managing stimulations. • Helps determine the timely sequence of events and identification of delays that might cause compromise of any of the steps in the patient management and treatment processes including the geographic distribution of workload with MultiSites. • Ongoing QC/QA activities are supported via built in queries that provide process-based analyses of user-defined indicators that can be compared to benchmarks. • IDEAS V.5™ can help process the safe use of equipment, supplies, and medical devices. • Information on all products used in clinical and laboratory procedures can be recorded in the database, including manufacturer and product identifications, as well as batch/lot numbers and expiry dates at the individual egg and embryo level. • A workflow tool that helps an organization evaluate and improve human resources processes to achieve desired results. • IDEAS V.5™ utilizes Operator-specific indicators (eg. ICSI fertilization rates, embryo transfer outcomes) that can structure and analyze data that are routinely recorded in the database as part of normal operations. • Competency can be determined for staff performing technical procedures by using the Query Designer to analyze operation data, on an ongoing basis. • An Organization can regularly evaluate and improve information management processes to achieve the best possible results. • Mellowood Medical is committed to providing software that will evolve in a way that reflects its users needs and the professional environment in which they work. The ability to monitor process is at the heart of our new developments, such as the Treatment Plan Builder.  

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