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1. ivftech.in IVF ART software for fertility clinic

ivftech.in IVF ART software for fertility clinic IVFTech.in is a burgeoning application software development company in India. In the current scenario, strategies of hospitals have turned to the latest technology for their quality improvement or expansion and diversification needs, and have reaped the optimum benefits. We help you in tapping these type of vast resources for your benefit. We seek to understand current business model and e-create existing business. Our innovative solutions, technologically driven workforce and pioneer experience will help to optimize, expand and boost business processes for you towards significant growth. Ope [Read more.]
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2. IVF Software - Akshar Technosoft

IVF Software - Akshar Technosoft Akshar Technosoft IVF Software is designed by expert software developer team and doctors to provide easy to use central information facility allowing clinic-specific customization. IVF software provides a complete integrated platform for any infertility treatment clinic/hospital . It a central information facility, storing general patient identification details along with diagnostic listing, and all tests and procedures that are performed in IVF department. There are many challenges to manage amount of information that has to be handled for IVF and Fertility clinic. To make this easier for [Read more.]
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3. Cryoworks Management Sysytem

Cryoworks Management Sysytem CRYOWORKS Management System is a specialised software application that supervises the collection, freezing, storage and thawing of samples including; blood vials, semen, embryo/oocytes, as well as tracking the personnel involved. The application allows scientists to save time on administrative tasks and focus more on patient services. CRYOWORKS aims to allow scientists to increase their efficiency and the reliability of their workflows.It also gives greater flexibility to these workflows, with easy-to-use customisation options. The Application can be modified to your specific requirements. An [Read more.]
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PALASH IVF ( ART MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE) PALASH IVF is an ART (Assisted Reproduction Technique) Management System, indented to provide a complete integrated platform for any infertility treatment provider facility. In other words, it is a central information facility, storing general patient identification details along with diagnostic listings, and all tests and procedures that are typically performed in IVF departments. Our approach advocates covering all bases because more than one professional is involved in the day to day operation of an ART clinic. A smooth workflow is guaranteed by interconnecting all ART clinical workstation [Read more.]
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5. MedITEX IVF Software, Fertility Database System, EMR

MedITEX IVF Software, Fertility Database System, EMR MedITEX IVF is the number one worldwide fertility database management system.  Designed by experts for experts it provides an easy to use central information facility allowing clinic-specific customisation. It manages, documents, and helps coordinate all procedures and workflows of any Assisted Reproduction business from small private units to academic and group clinics. Our growing network of local professional partners ensure the highest quality of support is available to you speaking your language in every sense. More information and demo download package can be found here: MedITEX IV [Read more.]
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6. Fertility Journey App

Fertility Journey App Set off to succeed! Fertility Journey is genuinely created to facilitate finding your matching clinic, plan your preparation in each and every minor detail and make your fertility treatment a pleasant run. Developed enthusiastically by a committed team of professionals operating in sphere of fertility tourism for years, Fertility Journey became unique application to give you everything you need to successfully plan and track your treatment arrangements. With Fertility Journey patients easily can:- plan their treatment protocol: add medicines and appointments- link medicines to the monthly cycl [Read more.]
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7. An ivf software that guarantees to increase your ivf clinic's success rates

We provide IVF specific Electronic Medical Record solutions with english and swedish language options.There are many studies that have revealed that IVF specific EMR has improved the rate of IVF success and only success matters in infertility treatment.Please go through our brochure that describes the features and benefits of our IVF specialty EMR. The product works in 18 languages and hence we can translate to your language version easilyWe provide Installation, Vanilla Implementation, 3 months post implementation support, training, user manuals,implementation manuals.Traditionally software v [Read more.]
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8. QAPonline fees now $250.

QAPonline operates an online proficiency/EQA scheme at www.fertaid.com. Wishing to increase world-wide participation, the 2012 fee have been slashed to only $250.00 AUD. FertAid acknowledges that costs are important for many clinics and it is hoped this will encourage more embryologists and scientists to enrol through their clinics. This offer allow any clinic to subscribe to any schemes available and to enrol as may staff as  appropriate at either training, professional or peer skill level. Please post any queries to office@fertaid.com  If a supplier or manufacturer wished to sponso [Read more.]
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9. Ivysite: IVF and Fertility Clinic EMR

Ivysite: IVF and Fertility Clinic EMR Ivysite allows any Artificial Reproduction setup to manage its patients, their entire cycle, and its cryostorage facility and consent information seamlessly. It also uses effective communication tools to provide timely support for its clients keeping them well informed. It can also be extended to provide research reports and MIS. The software is divided into modules to better define its functions, each built separately and then integrated to complete the package. Each module can be used standalone also hence giving the option to the user to add or minus a module depend [Read more.]
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10. Embryo Ranking Proficiency Scheme

FertAid has developed an Embryo ranking Proficiency Scheme to allow individuals embryologists to gauge their skills in grading and selecting embryos for transfer. A ranking index is calculated from the all the submissions from active embryologists and is recalculated regularly.  This is in addition to the current Proficiency schemes in Andrology, Embryology and Ultrasound. Located at Http://www.fertaid.com [Read more.]
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